Students Find Success at the Tutoring Center


Audrey Jakubik

As the semester begins to close, the Academic Success Center continues to offer free tutoring services to students in various courses in which they are struggling.
The Academic Success Center is located in Library 210 on the Bucks Newtown campus and is open from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Lauren Humphries, the director of the Academic Success Center at Bucks, says that there are many different aspects to the tutoring center.
“Students can make their own appointments through our website using their Bucks username and password,” explained Humphries, “Writing, reading, study skills, some sciences and many of the humanities that we tutor, require that an appointment be made.”
Most often, appointments are one-on-one with a tutor; however, for certain courses, students may opt to arrange a group appointment with some of their classmates.
“Drop-in tutoring is available for math, physics, accounting, and some economics,” said Humphries. “For this type of session, students come in when they have some time to work, and the tutors move throughout the room, spending up to 30 minutes with students at a time before the student is asked to work independently for at least 20 minutes to practice the skills just reviewed.” The tutors can come back if the student has additional questions.
The center also offers to facilitate group study sessions, set up workshops, digital badges, peer mentoring, and online touring.
“The tutor will help the group to create a study plan and help them overcome any hurdles with the content,” said Humphries. “However, the goal is that the students maintain ownership of the group, and the tutor is there to offer support and facilitate review sessions.”
Regarding the success of the facility, Humphries said that, “98 percent of the student feedback we receive states that working with a tutor increased their understanding of the material.”
All of Buck’s campus, including online, provide access to an academic success tutoring center. With any further questions, call the Newtown Center at 215-968-8044.
“We strive to help students become independent learners and remind them that learning is a process that takes time,” said Humphries. “All of our tutors are trained to help students figure out the strategies that work best for them, and our writing tutors can cover writing, reading, and study skills support for any course.”