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Bucks’ Transfer Fair Points to Next Step

Derek O’Brien

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On Wednesday, Sept 27 Bucks
held their first of two transfer
fairs for the fall semester. Over
60 schools coming from all over
showed up to inform students of
what the schools can offer them.
It was a huge turnout at this
event as handfuls of students at
a time passed through seeking
information from the schools of
their interest. A fan favorite of
the event was Temple University’s
table as groups of students
were gathered around it to get
their chance to talk to the transfer
Not only were there advisors
for other schools at the event but
Bucks also had their own table set
up with transfer advisers there to
point students in the right direction.
With all the help at the event
it was impossible to leave the
place without getting some useful
information on transfer services
and what other schools offer.
When asked how helpful the
transfer fairs can be, Caroline
Ferrara one of Bucks’ advising
and transfer specialist answered
that it was extremely helpful. She
explained that not all the students
at Bucks get a chance to make it
out to these schools to see which
place will be the best fit for them.
She said that the transfer fairs
give them a chance to see many
schools in one stop right at the
school they go to.
With it being a one stop shop
for information it is also a way to
make a connection with some of
these transfer advisors at the tables.
Not only are the tables filled
with pamphlets but the advisors at
them seem to really care and are
extremely helpful.
Christian Verrecchio, a secondary
education in history major,
confirmed that the fair was helpful
and stated that, “it really helps
with narrowing down where you
may want to transfer to.” He
had his eyes on the Bloomsburg
University table because of the
transfer agreements they have
with Bucks.
Bloomsburg is not the only
school at these fairs that have
transfer agreements and other
systems in place to make your
transfer as easy as possible. Many
other schools offer the same
options along with scholarships
and programs for anyone seeking
higher education.
The transfer fair is a great tool
to use as a student and it is never
too early to get information. There
are Transfer fairs twice a semester
at every Bucks campus so if you
missed this past one make sure
you look out for the next one on

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Bucks’ Transfer Fair Points to Next Step