Women’s Basketball Team Finishes Season Feeling Disappointed With Results, But Hopeful

Kevin Kaucher

The Bucks women’s basketball team ultimately finished the season with a 2-17 record as the season came to an end but the team worked very hard to become better, improve and grow together throughout the year.
They won one of their first games against Luzerne County Community College, 26-23 which was a really good victory for them as they had lost to them twice last year and it was a great way to start the season but it unfortunately just didn’t finish as they would have liked.
Macy Moors, the team’s leading scorer with 11.3 ppg and a team leading total 192 points said, “I knew it was going to be a tough season overall but I wanted to wins a few games and I also had a few personal goals for myself.”
“My past two seasons here for the program definitely built a lot of character and humbled me as a student-athlete. As for someone who is extremely competitive, I learned it is truly not all about winning” said Moors.
“I thought we definitely could have won a few more games. We would have won a few more games but a lot of teams in our conference such as Harrisburg dropped to club and Cumberland and Delaware County did not have teams this year”.
Even from the beginning Moors knew it was going to be a tough and hard fought season though. Moors said, “we struggled even having enough girls to field a team. Also, most of our girls never even played basketball before so we knew coming into the season it was going to be more about learning and having fun.”
“I’d like to make notice, despite our overall record, the girls came out everyday and worked hard and never gave up. I think that’s a big moral victory as we had a very tough season. A lot of teams in our conference folded or had forfeit games because they did not have enough players, whereas we would travel with just five girls.”
She says that her best skills as a player are her scoring and all of the passion and aggression that she plays with which helped her out a lot in many of the games this season because they were games that you had to fight for and earn.
Community College of Philadelphia winded being a couple of their toughest and hardest fought games all year. The team fell to them the first time 49-46 in a neck and neck game but the second go around went to the Bucks team in overtime by a score of 47-42. Moors said that game was “very competitive, aggressive and passionate. Both teams really wanted the win”
Macy Moors career high was reached in that overtime victory with 31 points. Her season high last year was 22. And another set goal for her was reaching 400 points in just two seasons, which she says was difficult considering the situation but she winded up reachin that as well so those were definitely two great accomplishments for her this season.
Other games that gave the Bucks team a tough time this season was “playing Northampton, Camden and other schools with long-built basketball programs because they are always tough to compete with” said Moors.
“Both Coach Surovec and Coach Bright were humorous, hard-working and taught us to never give up” said Moors.
She added that both coaches were very humble, supportive and passionate and even though the season was not easy and was frustrating at times, they never gave up on them and taught them to never give up either.
“I give a lot of thanks to both coaches, as they have taught me a lot on and off the court. They developed my skill and invested a lot of time into our team. Basketball is not even my main sport and I received a few offers from colleges to play for when I transfer next year, and I think that says a lot about how well-done their coaching styles are.”
Both the men’s and women’s programs are going to become D2 next year, so recruiting should be more in their favor and they should have a better-skilled team and bench.
Moors said, “I am excited to see where this program takes off. Coach Surovec and Coach Bright are very hard-working, determined and experienced coaches that I believe are really going to build the women’s program.”
“We do not really have a “best player”. All the girls contributed different skills to our team and worked very hard”
Even though the season might have not went as expected, the team fought hard, played to the best of their ability and had fun this year. It will most certainly be exciting to see how the program grows altogether and best of luck in the future to the coaches and players.