High School Students Earn College Credits

Sophie Laurence

Bucks’ dual enrollment program is growing as the college is beginning to welcome more high school students on campus.
The dual enrollment program allows students in high school to get a head start on college credits by taking classes at Bucks.
The program began three years ago with Neshaminy High School located in Langhorne. The goal is to better prepare students for college after high school.
The program started out small, but each year the number of students wanting to participate grows.
One perk of the program is that in most cases, high schools pay for the student’s tuition. For example, Neshaminy School District pays for everything- enrollment, books, and transportation if necessary. The only condition is that the student must maintain a C average in every class they enroll in.
Many high school students are attracted to the program because college offers more freedom. Student aren’t trapped in a building for eight hours a day. For instance, they can go get breakfast, stop at home, or take their time getting to their classes.
The greatest benefit of the program is that students will graduate with 12 free college credits, that are accepted by most four-year schools. This gives students an advantage when applying to college and helps save money. As of now, Neshaminy is the only district that offers a program with these perks
“It was a no-brainer for me. Free college credits, more preparation, and less time in Neshaminy? It was too good to pass up,” said Dora Kirsh, 17, a dual enrollment major with Neshaminy High School.
Deciding to be a dual enrollment student is a big decision since college level courses are often more intense than high school classes.
“The work is a lot different, and the professors are a lot different than my teachers at the high school,” dual enrollment student AJ McClurkin, 17, said. “It’s left more up to me, which took some getting used to, but it will benefit me later”.
There are some Neshaminy students that do not wish to enroll in the program.
“There are so many classes at Neshaminy that I would’ve had to miss out on if I did the Bucks program. It’s cool and all, but I have plenty of opportunities here,” said Kelli Kowalick, 17, senior at Neshaminy High School
Other students expressed regretted for not taking advantage of the program.
Jess Manning, 17, senior at Neshaminy High School said, “You guys get to come in later, and you’re getting experience and prepared for the future more than I am.”
For more information high school student can visit, https://www.bucks.edu/admissions/high-school/
When asked if they would recommend participating in this program to an underclassman, students who currently participate in the program had the same response: absolutely.
“Like I said, it was a no-brainer for me, and it should be a no-brainer for everyone else,” said Kirsh.
* Sophie Laurence is dual enrollment student*