Petitioners Distract Students on the Way to Class

Petitioners Distract Students on the Way to Class

Karagan Kelly, Centurion Staff

Recently Bucks has been swarmed with petitioners from various organizations around campus asking students to sign papers.

When students are in a rush to get from class to class the last thing, they want is to be stopped by strangers asking for signatures. However, this the reality for students at Bucks. Many students are frustrated with the presence of petitioners on campus.

Kamiah Caraway, 19, Criminal Justice major explained, “The first time was a lady trying to get into office and the second time was something for Trump. They will keep trying to make conversation with you until you give in which is wrong. After you say no the first time, it should be enough.”

Emily Maley, 19, Biology major explained, “It was a woman who was trying to get students that were registered to vote to sign a petition for her husband who was running for something. They can be pushy or make you feel guilty for not signing.”

Most students agree that these people can be too invasive.

Josiah Barker, 19, Biology major explained, “I got stopped multiple times by different people, each asking me to sign various petitions. I don’t like to be bothered in between classes so it does get really annoying when they try to stop me. If I politely say no the first time, they should respect it, but they do not.”

Students shared that they do not want to be rude and just ignore these people but sometimes they feel as if they have to acknowledge them.

The petitioners will continue to ask the student until they have no choice but to say yes.

Multiple men and women partaking in asking students to sign petitions were asked to be interviewed. All of which declined.

Students were asked to leave a message for these petitioners. All responses were very similar.

Barker said, “If students do not want to be bothered please respect their decision.”

Maley explained, “Please respect the students’ decision and personal space.”

Students are not required to participate in the signing of any petition.