Bristol comedy club offers a good time for Bucks students


Due to the usual mall and
movie night becoming repetitive,
Bucks students have
steered their way to a local
comedy show known as “The
Comedy Works,” located at
Georgine’s Restaurant in
Each show features three
comedians, and there is always
a waiter/waitress on the floor,
serving food and drinks.
Because of the experience of
each comedian, there is never
less than a chuckle throughout the show. The cost of admission
for the Friday or Saturday
show only is $15 per person,
and $35 for the Friday night
dinner and show special.
Seating for dinner is 7 p.m.; the
show begins promptly at 9:30
p.m. and concludes around
11:30 p.m.
The show is not like the kind
one would find in Atlantic City
or New York City: the club is
much smaller, seating only 225
Carly Abramson, 19, a criminal
justice major from
Newtown says, “It’s just an
enjoyable time. The fact that
there is a much smaller audience
allows for a more personal
show between the individual
and the performer on stage.”
The atmosphere allows for a
fun night out, while at the same
time making it romantic for
couples. There are large tables
in the back of the room for bigger
parties, and smaller, candlelit
tables closer to the stage.
Sarah Vitale, 18, a chef
apprenticeship/pastry emphasis
major from Newtown, went
there with her boyfriend for
their two-month anniversary.
“We ate dinner at the restaurant,
and then got a nice round
of laughs at the show,” she
When the show is over,
comedians are available for
meet-and-greets. Most comedians
also have DVDs or other
works which they offer for
For the dinner and show special,
the menu includes entrées
such as prime rib, beef-au jus,
chicken or veal parmigiana,
boneless stuffed chicken
breast, broiled flounder stuffed
with crab meat, or a vegetarian
platter. The show- only menu
includes hot sandwiches, hoagies,
wings, chicken tenders,
mozzarella sticks, and other
small snacks. One can expect
to be greeted at the front door
of the room where the show is
held, and then guided to a table
soon after. Reservations are
recommended; however, one
can enter on a first come-first
serve basis. Parking for
Georgine’s is free, and it is
handicapped accessible. With
adult supervision, “The
Comedy Works” permits kids
ages 13-17 to enter; students
ages 17-21 are allowed in with
To contact “The Comedy
Works” at Georgine’s, visit
their website at
m or call 215-741-1661.