Brutus Stepping Down as Mascot After Gritty Conflict

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

John Fey, Centurion Staff

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Centurion mascot Brutus will be stepping down from his role as the college’s mascot effective April 1st after a pep rally altercation with Gritty, the fresh and fury face of the Philadelphia Flyers.
“I understand the consequences of my actions and will take full responsibility for them,” Brutus said at a recent press release. The Bucks mascot is said to have exchanged words with the Flyers mascot backstage at a recent Flyers game and, according to Mr. Gritty’s lawyer, “Professional wrestling moves were exchanged between the two parties.”
Gritty is alleged to have then spilled an array of drinks and water on Brutus, claiming self-defense. While the Flyers mascot did not make an immediate comment, as he only seems to speak through his Twitter account, but his lawyer said he will not be pressing charges.
“I sincerely apologize to the Philadelphia Flyers and Mr. Gritty and, moreover, I sincerely apologize to Bucks County Community College for my actions.” Brutus plans on returning to his prior job training fellow Centurion soldiers to become future community college mascots.
In response to the announcement, Philadelphians proceeded to destroy the city of Philadelphia. It is still unclear as to whether this was in celebration or anger, though that does not seem to matter to the City of Brotherly Love.
The Philly Phanatic could not comment on the matter, as he was last seen on a party, rampaging through Philadelphia.

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