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Bucks Students and Professors Shocked By the Israel-Hamas War
SEPTA Looks To Modernize Its Aging Public Transit System
What People Think of Unions
Students Blasé On Trump’s Indictments & Re-Run For President
2023 Record-Breaking Year for Literature
Covid Surge Sparks Concern
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Lunchtime Open Mic: An Afternoon of Poetry and Song
The Bountiful Amount of Scholarships Available at Bucks
NOVA Sextortion’s Educational Presentation & Panel Discussion
Bucks Students Explore The Haunted Eastern State Penitentiary
Hispanic Heritage Month and its Importance to the Hispanic Community
Bucks+ Adds to your College Experience!
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From Four Lanes to the Hotel: Inside the Langhorne Borough’s Eatery
Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Frank Boston
A Musical Journey in Allegro
Sawdust, Skateboards and Passion: A Sloan Palder Story
Lane Johnson and Mental Health
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It All Starts With Mother Earth
Shopping Malls Are Dying, What Would Bring People Back?
The Taste of Rome at Home, Centurion Ale!
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Phillies Fans Have High Hopes for New Season
Chase Zemitis May 9, 2023

Sixers Fans Excited About Playoffs
Evan Boyle May 9, 2023

Phillies Fans Looking Forward to New Season
Evan Boyle May 9, 2023

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Bucks Counselor Discusses How Covid Has Affected Students Transitioning To In-Person Learning
Bucks Counselor Discusses How Covid Has Affected Students Transitioning To In-Person Learning
Timothy Hubing September 15, 2022

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic schools across the globe were forced into campus wide shut downs, virtual learning, and a noticeable decrease...

Library photo courtesy Bucks website
Bucks Builds Back Post Pandemic
Judith Russo, Centurion Staff • May 4, 2022

Covid hit Bucks like an earthquake with repercussions and after shocks that we are still trying to assess.  One day the parking lots were overflowing...

Bucks students Colin Riccardi, Lucas Darling and James Bonnell
Covid was Life-changing for Many Students
Judith Russo May 4, 2022

Remember when we were told to wear masks, sanitize everything and socially distance just for "...two weeks to flatten the curve..."? That was...

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash
Bucks Students Weigh In On Vaccine Mandates
Alyssa Allebach, Centurion Staff • October 28, 2021

Some colleges are starting to mandate vaccinations for students. Bucks has not mandated the vaccine, and students seem to agree with that decision. According...

The cover of the March 11, 2021 edition of the Centurion
A Socially Distant Year

On the one-year anniversary of of the shutdown of Bucks County Community College's three campuses due to the Covid pandemic, the Centurion staff...

A Final Sit Down with Dr. Shanblatt
A Final Sit Down with Dr. Shanblatt

For the past nine years, Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt has served as Bucks’ president. During this time, the college has faced no shortage of challenges,...

College Announces Layoffs
College Announces Layoffs

With the college facing a $5.5 million budget deficit, Bucks President Stephanie Shanblatt on March 5 sent a memo to faculty and staff announcing...

Photo courtesy
A Look into the Biden Administration

2020 was a year for all of us to remember as one of the worst of our generation. A world filled with sickness, corruption, and conflict across...

Photo courtesy Unsplash
Young Voters and Their Importance in the 2020 Election

The 2020 presidential election was one of the most important elections in American history, and young voters helped sway the vote in Joe Biden’s...

Photo courtesy Unsplash
What the Biden Administration Could Mean for Student Loans

After a chaotic election, Joe Biden has taken office as the 46th president. Shortly after being sworn in, he signed 15 executive orders, undoing...

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