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Bucks Students Find Ways to Manage Their Time and Classes

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Many find it hard to juggle all their classes and still have time to finish the assignments by the due date, but many Bucks students have found a way to manage.

Every week there is going to be at least one discussion and two big assignments and that would be a light week. In college life, students must constantly check due dates and figure how long assignments will take.

There are great ways to avoid feeling stressed from a busy hectic college life. One way you can help yourself is by having a planner. This is a great reminder to not forget an assignment, test, etc. Bucks has Canvas, which has a to-do button for weekly assignments.

Christopher Ramirez, a Bucks County Community College student said, “I think planning out a schedule for doing schoolwork is good since you get into the habit of completing it at a decent pace.”

Ramirez also said his plan is “I try to put what assignments I want to work on for that day on my calendar, so I don’t forget and to help myself focus on those assignments.”

Another way to manage your time is to let yourself have free time. If that is watching a movie, going out with friends, etc. let yourself do that so you can free yourself from what feels like tasks of assignments at times. Ramirez said, “I try to take breaks whenever I’m doing lots of schoolwork.”

A fantastic way to manage time is by planning out bigger assignments like a thousand-word essay. Not leaving these for the last minute will give you the ability to focus on smaller assignments and other things.

Harold Landman, a fellow Bucks County Community College student, started his college life in a rut. “I remember the feeling of failing. The anxious guilt that came with not doing the work. I never want to feel that again.”

Now, Landman said,  “I try to get the bigger assignments outlined as early as possible then kind of keep chopping away over time until I have small touches left to make at the due date.”

Knock out the easy stuff early, to leave more time for the hard assignments. Getting the small assignments done could also help you with the big assignments, since most of the time they tie together.

Ramirez is one person who implements this strategy by saying, “I try to get the easy stuff done first, so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m doing the more intense assignment.”

When you use most of these tips together your semester becomes easier, you feel more joy and life seems easier. Like Landman said, you feel guilty when not doing your best or even not doing the work assigned.

Everyone has been in a situation of waiting but when you wait it creates unwanted stress. Ramirez is also someone who has been in this scenario. He said, “There are days where I’m motivated and get a lot of work done, but there are other days where I don’t get much done leading to me having to complete an assignment at the last minute.”

Sometimes things will come up in your life that need your attention like the car breaking down, a computer screen cracked, and so on and you become too busy dealing with that what can you do? Well just talk to the professor and tell them what is happening to you.

Professors are humans, they have human problems as well, they will work something out so you can still get credit for the work you will eventually do or waiting to get from the cracked screen of the computer. A quote from a professor would have been good here.

People have their own ways of getting work done and if you get great grades there is no reason to change but it is a great possibility you are doing these tips without even knowing. It could be just slightly different instead of hanging out to relax you read a book, and instead of writing your due dates, you type it.

College students have different but similar study patterns that work for them but might not work for you so stick with what works best and stay and top of your work. Like Landman said “Stay focused” and you will succeed.