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Man or Cookie Monster?

It’s often debated who likes cookies more: The man, or the monster!

Ryan Jacobs, a 19-year-old Communications major at Bucks is not just an average student. He’s the Cookie Monster.

The furry blue muppet best known for his voracious appetite and his famous phrase “Me want cookie!” Jacobs works at one of the happiest places on Earth: Sesame Place.

It can be extremely demanding, especially when there are 9,000 guests visiting the park on a daily basis. However, despite the crying babies, irritated parents, and hot weather Jacobs finds his job joyous and exhilarating.

“Even in the cold days of winter, it’s still hot and sweaty in the costume…especially during the parades, but even then I wouldn’t change a thing about my job.”

Many people come from all over the world to visit the 24-year-old park located in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. Jacobs has worked at the park for three seasons, including the Christmas season also known as “A Very Furry Christmas.”

Starting out his first season in the photo department he relished it, but felt that something was missing.

“After almost three years in photo, I just felt it was time for a change.”

Since middle school, Jacobs has always been deeply committed to singing in his church choir and participating in school musicals. So the switch from the photo department to entertainment brought him to his early years.

“I’ve been doing the musical since middle school, and I also sing at church. So I felt that it would be an easy transition into the entertainment department,” Jacobs said.

Working in the entertainment department has benefits, but there are also some setbacks. “The toughest part about the job is not being able talk while in costume,” Jacob explains “and having to think outside of the box when communicating with others, it can be hard sometimes.”

When guests under the age of six meet the furry monster, they are often times hesitant to approach Jacobs. “If a child is having doubts about whether or not there is a person inside the character or if it’s the real deal, there is always a walk host who is constantly present with the character to comfort and reassure the child that the character is real, and not fake,” Jacobs said.

While this meeting can be a little frightening, they’ve seen their beloved monster countless times on television and are now seeing them in real life as this tall, speechless person. There are also great moments when Jacobs interacts with a child.

“My favorite moment in costume with a child had to have been when I was the Cookie Monster, a young boy gave me a big bag of cookies, and told me how much he loved me. He also introduced me to his little sister who was too afraid to come up to me herself,” he explains, “She gave me an enormous hug.”

Ryan doesn’t only spend his summer days roaming the streets portraying the Cookie Monster. Occasionally he’s Count Von Count also known as “the Count”, a number lover. Jacobs also plays Murray, a new addition to the Sesame Street family, a furry orange monster.

He does a small segment on the television show called “The Word of the Day” and “Murray Has a Little Lamb;” One time Jacobs even got to be Big Bird.

“I was the smallest Big Bird anyone had ever seen; I’m about 5’10, but the costume is built for guys who are taller than 6’0. It was a comical, yet thrilling experience!”

“I’m also going to be Cookie Monster in the new show they’re doing this season, so that will be a great experience…I was lucky to be asked to be Cookie in the new show and I can’t wait.”

Jacobs is excited for the many changes the new season has to offer this year. Opening for business in May, Sesame Place is adding a new addition to the park called “Cookie’s Monster Land,” which Jacobs is very enthusiastic about.