F. T. O. provides useful experience for education majors


Classroom in Founders Hall

Tia Truchel, Centurion Staff

The Future Teachers Organization welcomes all who want to engage in activities and events to broaden their horizons and help guide their careers as aspiring educators.
With a rising membership of about 100 students, this organization is a great way to gain real-life experience for students who are studying to become teachers. It was formed to give education majors the opportunity to broaden their field of study.
President of the group, Jaclyn Griffin, who has been with F.T.O. for three years, said, “We do a lot of community service and we want our members to gain a better understanding and connection with our community.”
Meetings can help students enhance and expand their field of study by getting assistance on creating portfolios, creating lesson plans, and obtaining transfer and advising guidance for their careers after Bucks. Although the testing requirements in this field of study are constantly changing and evolving, the organization conveniently offers the most up-to-date and accurate versions of the tests to keep you better prepared.
F.T.O. supports many amazing charities and events throughout the community, helping to better engage the students with the ones around them. They recently helped out in the Libertae Drive, by giving many much-needed diapers, and $125 in gift cards to grocery stores in order for mothers to get what they need for them and their families.
The F.T.O. also has been involved with the Autism Cares Foundation for the past five years. Autism Cares is focused on enlightening life experiences of young adults and children with autism, and F.T.O. is a proud supporter of the group. Helping with parties and events sponsored by Autism Speaks is a great way to expand one’s teaching skills by being open to working with diverse groups.
Another event that the group worked with was the STEM GIRLZ on Oct. 17. It involved the Bucks STEM department. F.T.O. members worked on various activities, such as physics and math, with girls in middle school.
Professor Kate D’Auria, who has been with the group for 10 years and is the advisor of F.T.O, said, “My personal goal is to get members to come to events outside of meetings to just participate one step at a time. This would help a ton.”
Gaining first-hand experience is what makes this group so effective and beneficial.
In order to support the growing number of members, they have upgraded their Facebook page, and added social media sites such as an Instagram and Twitter page to spread information about the group. They are currently attempting to link the Perkasie campus through Skype.
Meetings are currently held in Portable 3 (also known as “the education lab”) on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. and Fridays at noon, beginning with every first and third of the month to help accommodate everyone’s schedules. All aspiring teachers wanting to expand their goals for their future as an educator, The Future Teachers Organization is definitely for you.
For more information about joining this organization, go to the link http://www.bucks.edu/life/clubs/list/ to speak to advisor Kate D’Auria about meetings, events, and projects that can help you get that much needed first-hand experience!