Donations are needed to help Bucks County families in need

Lauren Savana, Centurion Staff

There are homeless men, women, and entire families here in Bucks County and we have the opportunity to help our fellow citizens that are in need of basic necessities.
Living in the community of Bucks County there is a tendency to believe that we are surrounded by luxury and fortune. What we tend to overlook is that there is poverty surrounding our community.
Volunteer at Bucks is an event that Bucks has chosen to take part in, now for the past 3 years. This is a donation based event where all students have the opportunity to donate certain items to help the homeless here in Bucks County.
There are two kinds of donations Student Life & Athletic Office and the Centurion club are accepting.
You can collect items from the list below, meant for individual men and women that are arriving to the homeless shelter with nothing except the clothes on their backs.
We need travel size items that are easy for them to carry on their person.
There other forms of donations we are looking for, families are also entering secure housing that have nothing to fill their homes with. The specific items that these families are in need of are listed below.
These donations are accepted until March 31 and are collected on a point base system. A certain item gains a certain amount of points; this creates a contest for all that become involved. Whatever club obtains the most points will win a free luncheon and t-shirt for club members!
This is the Centurion Clubs community service project. If you are not affiliated with a club there will be laundry baskets placed outside the Centurion Newsroom, Rollins room 127. Feel free to drop off whatever you can.
This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community and help those that are less fortunate then yourselves. So get your club involved.