Pop-up Park Attracts Tourists in Doylestown

Sarah Siock, Centurion Staff

An urban oasis was created in downtown Doylestown by local residents on Sept. 21-23 to help support local businesses while providing a communal hangout space.Sidewalks on the corners of West State and Hamilton Streets were turned into a temporary pop-up park for a fourth year in a row.
One of the park’s main intentions is to show the importance of green spaces in a dense city like Doylestown. Tables and chairs were set up along the sidewalk for people to sit and enjoy the temporary greenery.
The park was created by local residents and a few business owners who were funded by donations. There were several events that took place at the park, including a kid’s concert and morning yoga.
The temporary park was community-orientated with a center for community feedback placed in the middle of the green space.
Father and daughter Michael and Caroline Marks returned to the pop-up park for their second year. “I love the park and I wish it was permanent!” said Caroline. Michael described the park as a “communal use of space.” Marks also said, “There is nowhere to just sit and hang out in town. It is refreshing to just sit and relax with others who live here.”
The park provided a place for residents to be together without being in a busy environment, like the local Starbucks. First-timer to the pop-up and Doylestown resident, Shannon Rittenhouse, said, “It is really peaceful here. I got to catch up with some friends who I have not seen in while. They just so happened to be passing through the park as well.”
The park was simply decorated but had an urban feel. “I like how the trees have sweaters,” laughed park-goer Mary Lyler. The tables had construction paper taped over them with a bucket of crayons sitting on top, allowing for a community art space. Residents were encouraged to post sticky notes on the feedback bulletin. Many wrote positive messages about Doylestown and why they like living there.
A local boutique worker, Avenale Trobiano, shared her opinion of the pop-up park. “In theory the park should help my business, said Trabiano, “However, there is just not enough promotion for the park. Many customers did not even know the park was here this weekend.”
“I do think they should keep doing things like this,” she added. “It is a good use of space and does bring traffic into stores. I just want them to do a bit more promotion to get people excited!”
Those that did attend the park left with the desire for more green spaces in compact city areas. Riley Kleemeier, 18, of Plumsteadville drove over just to check out the park. “It just looks so pretty!” she said. “I wish there were more areas like this!”
The pop-up park has plans to return for a 5th year. Hopefully, with a bit more promotion, the park can continue to help local businesses and encourage more greenery in city spaces.