What are Bucks County residents doing during quarantine?

Spenser Sheffield, Centurion Staff

COVID-19 has now affected most of the world and all of the United States. We are now weeks into this pandemic that has forced millions of Americans to be quarantined or insolation at home until President Trump and state governors agree to gradually let citizens get back to a normal way of living.

There are over 867,771 confirmed cases in the United States alone. 79,817 people have reportedly recovered from COVID-19 while there have been around 50,000 deaths.

“It changes how I spend my time when I’m not able to go to any of the stores I want to because they are all closed. Trying to do things around the house now that everyone is home all the time,” said Jess Powell, 20, from Riegelsville.

As we all know families are now stuck home together either working from home or doing schoolwork or just relaxing until this pandemic is all over.

Nick Albor, 22, from Jamison said, “My family is working their jobs still and doing schoolwork while I’m out of a job and I’m the only one to be sitting at home not doing anything all day”.

Many Americans are considered essential workers now and are still required to leave their homes to work during the pandemic. Those employees include police, firefighters, government workers, hospital workers, truckers, gas stations, and fast food.

During this time off it is common for somebody who has not been able to get to do a hobby because of work or school to finally be able to complete the task.

Emily Coleman, 21, from the Bensalem area said, “I have become a great chef and have been cooking all the time. I have been working out more. I have been gardening. I have been painting”.  Coleman shows that Americans can find a way to pass time while the pandemic continues.

The United States is talking about reopening the economy in the somewhat near future since there has been a plateau of COVID-19 cases in states. While time may feel like it is moving slowly it is important to remember we will get through this pandemic. There is light at the end of the tunnel.