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Resolution Celebrates Pride Month in Lower Makefield Township


The Board Supervisors of Lower Makefield Township approved a Resolution celebrating Pride Month in Lower Makefield Township and the approval to hang a pride flag in the township.

To commemorate Pride Month, the Board of Supervisors of Lower Makefield which include Suzanne S. Bludi (Chair), James McCartney (Vice Chair), Fredric K. Weiss (Treasurer), John B. Lewis (Secretary), and Daniel R. Greiner (Supervisor) discussed the motion to celebrate Pride month.

The June 2nd, 2021, meeting Board of Supervisors also included Kurt Ferguson, Township Manager David Truelove, Township Solicitor Andrew Pockl, Township Engineer Kenneth Coluzzi, Chief of Police Monica Tierney, Park & Recreation Director.

The meeting started with the resolution and a reading by Suzanne S. Blundi to which the other board members obliged.

“A resolution of the township of Lower Makefield celebrating Pride Month. Whereas the history of our country and the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania, are founded on the promise of justice, tolerance, and equality for all. Whereas a fundamental cornerstone of that tenet. Is that we as a community will work to advance justice, tolerance, and equity. And whereas the events of the past months have highlighted much to be done to deliver on that promise and whereas for 50 years June or Pride month as commemorated the events of June 1969 and strives to achieve equal justice and equal rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Americans. Now therefore it be resolved that Lower Makefield township herby joins in the celebration of Pride Month,” said Blundi.

Ms. Bludi read the resolution to the Board Supervisors.

Out of the 9 supervisors in attendance 5 out of the 9 were in motion of celebrating Pride Month.

Daniel R. Grier moved, and Suzanne Blundi seconded to approve the resolution celebrating Pride Month.

Jamie Wilson, 33, teacher at St. Ignatius Elementary School says, “it is about time. As a gay woman, I am glad I can drive past the Borough and see the pride flag hanging for the month. Some progress is better than no progress.”

During the Board of Supervisors meeting Mr. Greiner mentioned where the inspiration to hang a pride flag in Lower Makefeild Township originated.

“I don’t know if you are aware what Yardley Bourgh did yesterday? In honor of Pride month, they raised a Pride Flag at the Borough. I haven’t though of it, until my daughter saw a picture of her new friend Mr. Bria standing next to the flag on the news and actually made me one today says, said Mr. Grier.

The importance of celebrating Pride Month and raising the flag in Lower Makefeild Township for the month of June was made aware due to Mr. Grier mentioning another Borough raising the Pride Flag.

“I was wondering if the board would consider a resolution to hang the Pride flag on the flagpole for the month of June, said Mr. Grier”.

Mr. Griner stated that he would donate the flag and Mr. Lewis seconded and the Board of Supervisors unanimously, optioned to hang the Pride flag at the Administration Building for the month of June.