“Book em’ Dano”


Fall brings new television
series, many of which are
returning detective shows.
They are based out of New
York, Los Angeles, Miami
or Washington, D.C. One
new show brings an allnew
twist; it is based in
“Hawaii 5-0” is an all new
series, based on the original
“Hawaii 5-0” from
back in the 1960s and
Usually police shows are
all drama with action, and
this can get very tedious.
“Hawaii 5-0” has all the
drama and action a detective
show can have but the
writers even throw in some
Alex O’Loughlin stars as
Steve McGarrett, taking
over the role of Jack Lord
You can catch this exciting
and funny new drama
every Monday night at
10/9c on CBS
everything In Between
By: Andres Flores
Centurion Staff
Dean Spunt and Randy
Randall have been around the
Los Angeles punk/DIY scene
for a while now, helping promote
Mecca of all local music venues,
“The Smell.” With two
albums and four EPs under
their belt, No Age comes back
Final Review
Album Cover for No Age
from the original series.
McGarrett is a former
naval officer who came
back home looking for the
man who killed his father.
He takes over a new task
force and puts together his
own team.
Scott Cann plays
McGarrett’s partner, Daniel
“Dano” Williams, a more
laid-back, comical detective
from New Jersey who
moved to Hawaii to be
closer to his daughter.
The bickering back and
forth between McGarrett
and Dano makes the partnership
between these two
appear fragile. But it turns
into a formidable relationship
between two cops who
respect each other for the
hard work and dedication
they put into the job.
Daniel Dae Kim plays
Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a
former Honolulu police
officer who got fired after
being accused of taking
payoffs from criminals.
Detective Kona “Kono”
Kalakaua, played by Grace
Park, is Chin Ho Kellys’
cousin who is just about to
graduate from the police
academy. She decides to
join the task force to earn
“extra credit,” and stays
Kono, a beautiful yet tough
woman, was a professional
surfer who blew out her
knee and decides to put on
the badge for the Honolulu
Police Department.
The team of McGarrett,
Dano, Chin Ho, and Kono
have a different way of
doing their police work.
They will do absolutely
anything to get the men
who commit crimes behind
bars; they employ everything
from blackmail to
threats to extortion in order
to obtain information and
McGarrett is also always
on the lookout for Victor
Hess, the man who killed
his father. In the pilot
episode it appears
McGarrett killed Hess, but
the Coast Guard cannot
retrieve the body and we
do not know if he is really
dead or not.