‘Saw 3D’ is for fans


At midnight on Oct. 29, one
of the scariest movie series
ever returned to theaters – the
final “Saw” film of the seven
movie sequence.
“Saw 3D” has yet again
drawn millions to the movies
the Friday before Halloween
with its edge-of-your seat
fright fest.
“Saw 3D” takes Jigsaw’s
outrageous traps to a whole
new level. Devices from the
previous movies along with
jaw dropping, deadly situations
fill the latest movie with horror
and suspense.
The “Saw” franchise has its
fans and its critics.
Some movie buffs just do not
see the point of seven movies
dealing with men and women
put into difficult, fatal situations.
However, the fans of
“Saw” appreciate the complexity
of the plots the writers have
To them, “Saw” is not just
about blood and guts or Dr.
Gordon sawing off his leg.
It’s the story behind the traps
that give this series such popularity.
After last year’s “Saw 6,”
viewers were left with numerous
What is Detective Hoffman
going to do with Jigsaw’s legacy?
Will Hoffman ever get
caught? How could this story
ever come to an end?
As a “Saw” fan, one would
know that this year’s “Saw”
movie was going to be its last.
How were all of the questions
that the last six movies have
left unanswered going to come
together in just two hours of
3D horror?
“Saw 3D” has received
mixed reviews during the
weeks it has been in theaters.
Some say “Saw” has done it
again while others find it to be
just “another Saw movie.”
Some fans, such as Chris
Peruzzi, 23, Graphic Arts
Major, have looked forward to
every “Saw” release since its
first debut.
“After I’ve seen a Saw movie
in theaters, I walk away from
the movies anxious to see what
they have to bring next
Halloween,” he said.
There was one conclusion
that was basically unanimous
among most of “Saw 3D’s”
The 3D feature could have
been left out.
Many were disappointed to
spend the extra couple bucks to
view the film in a new dimension.
Most say it was not worth
“Saw” has built ar fan base
over the last six years. Every
year when another comes out,
it never loses fans, but never
necessarily gains a bunch
All that matters is that every
year, “Saw” never lets its fans
down, and this year was no
“Saw” crazies left the theater
content and satisfied.
On behalf of all “Saw” fans,
Game Over.