Alumni artists show their work

John Fey

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Bucks alumni are back on campus in the 50th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition featured at the Hicks Art Gallery.

The exhibition, curated by Bucks faculty member Cris Martino, presents the unique artwork of 13 Bucks alumni.

Michelle Soslau, one of the alumni on display, showed off her versatility as an artist with pieces such as, “The Dancer,” “Model with Best Friend,” and “You Promised.”

“The Dancer” is a mix of netting, voile, and acrylic paints on a large canvas to form an abstract image of a dancer. Soslau showcases her eye for color in her painting, “Boat #2,” using a similar style to “The Dancer.” Through a combination of acrylic paints and canvas Soslau creates a three dimensional boat that appears to be floating on top of the water.

Soslau’s drawings, made with ink, pencil and watercolor, “Model with Best Friend” and “You Promised” demonstrations her unique perspective on the human physique.

James Bennett’s oil on wood art is a fun and visually appealing collection of stylized illustrations. His largest piece on display, “Scratch,” is from his “man cave” collection. “Scratch” is an amusing take on an upscale pool hall filled with cigar smoke and men in three-piece suits.

Bennett’s other works include caricatures of “The Boss” (Bruce Springsteen) and “Ray Charles.” Bennett’s work has been featured on the cover of TIME, Sports Illustrated, MAD, and many other magazines.

These and other artists are featured in the exhibition in the Hicks Art Gallery until Dec. 15. The Hicks Art Gallery is open to the public.


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