Performer Keith Spencer Discusses His Career

Sunshine Karns, Centurion Staff

The baritone vocalist and concert entertainer, Keith Spencer, who recently performed at the Zlock Performing Arts Center, goes in depth about his work as a cultural performer.
A versatile vocalist and performer, Spencer hit the Bucks stage with his “Songs from the Civil Rights Movement” earlier this month, featuring songs and calls that embody the experience of African Americans during the mid-1900s. From Broadway tours to guest appearances in the Quakertown Concert Band, Keith has devoted his lifetime to music, and has found himself taking on a variety of roles that have shaped his current devotion to culturally based performance.
A proud resident of Pennsylvania, Spencer has a history of interest in performance that portrays African American culture and pride, reflecting that this attention to his culture sprouted at a young age, he provided details about how he became interested in his area of focus.
“My family always had a keen respect for our culture and heritage. From my early days as a young man reading comic books about Benjamin Banneker and Harriet Tubman, my mother emphasized the importance of honoring and remembering the giants that came before us. Celebrating the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. and several others was an important part of my upbringing.”
Recently launching a concert program focused on Negro Spirituals, Spencer now focuses his entire matured career on his culture, stating that “from the stage, one voice I’ve always felt compelled to share was anything that celebrated African-American heritage, progress and achievement. “
His current tour, “We Shall Not Be Moved,” is a unique addition to his career as it presents the views of people of all colors who supported equal rights, straying from a strictly black culture- based show.
Spencer goes in depth about what makes his show so unique, “in my opinion, to truly appreciate our nation’s progress and appreciate our opportunity, you need to contrast today against the past. What makes We Shall Not Be Moved unique is that it presents the very songs which inspired people during the movement in the 50s and 60s… and even earlier…and sets them in context of what was happening at the time.” Spencer designs his shows to remind the audience how far the nation has come along in respect to civil rights, and at what costs.
Society today still witnesses the fight for equal rights, both nationally and internationally, leaving Keith Spencer’s performances a historical reminder of the progression of rights in the nation as well as a continuation of the fight for equality.
He commented, “the Civil Rights Era” was a bookmarked chapter in our nation’s history. However, the impact and ripples from that time still are felt today. All of us in one way or another feel gratitude for more difficult times past, but are well-reminded that in areas in our own country and in others around the world, human and civil rights are still not recognized equally.”
Intending to use his voice as a reminder that we all can play a role in equality, Spencer will continue to make music as he feels it has the power to “unite hearts and minds.” To learn more about Keith Spencer or find information on his upcoming shows, you can find him on Facebook or visit his website,