Drama Club To Perform 2 Love Stories as Winter Approaches

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Drama Club To Perform 2 Love Stories as Winter Approaches

Maia Van Valkenburgh

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The Drama club will be performing their two plays, “A Night of One Acts” on Nov. 17 and their mainstage production, “Rumors” slated for Dec. 15, 16, and 17, both at the Zlock Performing Arts Center.

“Rumors” tickets can be purchased online at bucks.edu/tickets or at the door. The cost for general admission is $12 and for Bucks students, seniors, and children they are $10.

This comedy is directed by Maia Van Valkenburgh, the current vice president of the Drama Club. She has participated in the Drama Club both on and off stage for three years. This is her second role as director of a production.

Van Valkenburgh has faced quite a few challenges throughout the production thus far. She said, “Actors are sometimes unavailable when they are needed for rehearsal which makes everything hard to plan.”

She hopes that everyone has fun with this production because “ultimately this play is for everyone to have fun with and we just perform something we are proud of creating at the end.”

Tickets for “A Night of One Acts” can be purchased at the door for $7 general admission and $5 for Bucks students, seniors, and children.

“A Night of One Acts” will be performed one night only on Nov. 17 in the Zlock Performing Arts Center.

The one acts are short, 30 minute plays directed by two other members of the Drama Club.

The first is called “Variations on a Theme” by Ed Monk. It is a drama about a couple, Nick and Meg, who recently had a huge fight about trying a long-distance relationship.

The play begins with Nick sitting at the train station and imagining variations of the conversation he will have with Meg when she leaves for college; the short play consists of the different variations brought to life on stage.

This play is directed by Conor Sears, the official marketing director of the Drama Club. He has participated in the club as an actor for two years and is now involved in directing a larger production through this one act play.

Sears said one of the challenges of directing is scheduling around actor availability, “it’s like trying to herd cats!” he said. With only five weeks and roughly 20 hours of rehearsal time, this production faces a major time constraint.

Even throughout the stress Sears has felt through the production, he is excited about “seeing something [he] has worked so hard on come to fruition.”

The second one act is “Check Please!” written by Johnathan Rand. It is a comedy about a guy and a girl who are out on a variety of dates with the strangest of characters.

The current president of the Drama Club, Gia Folino, is the director of this one act. She has been involved with the drama club for two years and was voted into the presidency at the end of the semester in spring of 2017.

Folino is directing for the first time, but she has years of experience with choreography. She is excited to “see all the hard work of the actors come together on stage.”

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