Bucks Fall Fashion Preview

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Bucks Fall Fashion Preview

Joseph Sheridan, Centurion Staff

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With autumn weather coming in rapidly, that could only mean one thing; it’s almost fall and it’s time for a different wardrobe.
Observing the fall fashion at Bucks is a student’s best shot at making a statement. Letting the people know that you are not only there to learn, but you are there to work it. For those who aren’t jumping into fall feeling their most confident, don’t worry, all your bases are covered thanks to some fellow students who want to help you achieve that fall look.
The most essential part of fall fashion is arguably, layering correctly. Too many layers make it difficult for you to show off the remains of that summer body you worked so hard for however, and not enough layers will have your 8 a.m. crush wondering whether or not you’re a sociopath, so finding a good balance is key.
Anthony B., 19, a criminal justice major student, suggests you invest in a decent hoodie. Nothing fancy, but a staple nonetheless. A hoodie, either with, or without a zipper, provides warmth and optionality, two key components of fall fashion.

Noah Ruiz, 20, a liberal arts major, suggests brands such as Nike, Adidas, or Puma for his hoodie needs. You can find them on the cheap at Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Make sure to check the clearance section and browse online beforehand for coupons, and while you’re there don’t be afraid to grab some sweatpants or ball shorts to go along with that hoodie. Optimize comfort, you’ll need it.
For those who desire a bit more than sweatpants, Omar Dabbour, 19, computer IT major student, recommends stopping at American Eagle for a pair of classic blue jeans, perhaps grab a decent crew neck sweatshirt, or a seasonal flannel as well. Don’t let the ladies be the only ones getting these fits going this fall fellas, they’d love for their effort to be reciprocated.

Ladies, don’t panic, we have you covered as well. First and foremost, you’re going to need leggings. Black leggings will get you through anything and everything this semester so make sure you stockpile accordingly.

Ramona Harris, 19, a communications major student from Bensalem, strongly recommends black tights either from H&M or Forever 21. She also says you’d look great in a ripped denim jacket, so go ahead and flex a little bit. Leggings are fantastic because they go with everything, jeans for millennial culture is how they’re often referred to.
Luckily, Gabby Houck, 19, a journalism major student from Doylstown, has shared her thoughts on what should go on your torso this season. Houck has been reported saying that you can find cute sweaters and turtlenecks at the same place you found those bomb leggings, that’s Forever 21 and H&M. Houck also suggested that if you have the time and the funds, be sure to check out Urban Outfitters and Marshall’s as well and add some diversity to that wardrobe.

You don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing to your Monday-Wednesday classes you wore to your Tuesday-Thursday classes, do you? Don’t worry, you won’t have to be.
Jenna Zelinsky, 19, a stylish nursing major student, was able to provide some insight on how to look your cutest for your anatomy lab this semester. Three words: American Eagle Jeans. They come in blue, light blue, dark, white, black, and pale blue. Might as well grab one of each. You’ll need a pair of boots as well. Boots will get you through the cold, the rain, and the leaves. Not to mention you’ll look great on your three-day expedition from the student parking lot to Grupp Hall.

Fashion isn’t only the clothes you wear, but how you wear them. With all this apparel advice, it’s understandable some students get overwhelmed. There’s an infinite amount of options and a constant desire to impress. Be yourself, and the most important thing is that you’re comfortable, but stylish at the same time. Most importantly, don’t wear shorts in the winter, that’s not cool, no one thinks you’re tough.

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