Professor Sarahlyn Bruck Debuts Her First Novel


Francis Klingenberg, Centurion Staff

Sarahlyn Bruck is an associate Language and Literature professor at Bucks. Between teaching and helping fledgling writers with their work, Bruck has debuted her very own novel, “Designer You,” to exhilarating reviews on Aug. 31.
“Designer You” is a novel whose main character, Pam Wheeler, has everything she could want. A happy marriage, a successful career, and an amazing teenage daughter, but all goes awry when her husband dies in an accident.
In an interview with Bruck, she described “Designer You” as an emotional book that will “give the reader ‘all the feels.” Bruck also described her novel as very heart-warming and real.
“I’ve always been writing, since the time I was in grade school I would jot down stories just for fun in my free time,” said Bruck.
Bruck continued, “However with all that writing, the thought of becoming a published writer never occurred to me.”
Bruck pointed out that her inspiration to become an author was the wife of her dad’s friend. Bruck’s inspiration wrote romance novels and encouraged Bruck by mailing her articles and sending signed copies of her books.
Bruck also revealed the inspiration behind “Designer You” was because of her husband building a roof deck. She worried about what would happen if he fell, and that worry wrote itself into a novel.
This book was released after countless hours spent editing and revising. The hardest part about writing “Designer You” for Bruck was the writing process. Some days, it would be easy for her to build upon ideas or to edit what had already existed. Other days, the words wouldn’t flow at all.
“I wanted the novel to show how a person would cope and overcome a tragic accident and better themselves.” Said Bruck.
Bruck especially wanted to show how the main character (Pam) and her teenage daughter could not only move on, but heal and create a new life with hope and happiness.
Bruck’s aim for this book is to “explore if, and how a person not only survives something scary, but reinvents herself and even grows as a person.”
One editorial review from author Kelly Simmons calls this novel a “tenderly written story of a mother and daughter’s struggle.”
Another reviewer from Amazon writes that he “will be sharing this great book with friends.”
Overall, Bruck’s debut as an author has been met with warm regard. She has created many fans with the release of this novel.
“It feels great to finally have my book out in the world and share it with readers,” admitted Bruck. She finds it exciting seeing audiences take her characters into their own lives.
According to Bruck’s website, she is writing another novel and coaches writers for “Author Accelerator,” a website that helps people with their own creating books.
You can find “Designer You” on Bruck’s website,, as well as on Amazon.