Lady Gaga Shines in “A Star Is Born”

Francesca Descano, Centurion Staff

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2018 has been filled with major motion pictures such as “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Incredibles 2” and “Hereditary”, however Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” seems to outrank them all.
Cooper, who stared in and directed the 2018 remake of the 1976 classic, stunned audiences with not only his acting capability, but his vocal range as well. However, the true star of the film was none other than Lady Gaga.
Gaga blew audiences away with her performance playing the character of Ally, a down in the dumps waitress with an incredible voice.
With a captivating, yet heart-wrenching love story that has stood the test of time, Gaga and Cooper had quite a lot to live up to, much like Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson did 42 years ago, they came out on top.
But this movie wouldn’t be complete without its soundtrack, and the soundtrack for “A Star Is Born” hits all of the high notes. A whimsical blend of hurting, healing, loving, and singing, it is sure to leave movie-goers smiling, laughing, singing, and uncontrollably crying.
By the end of the film, even the toughest viewers will have fallen for this classic love story and will not be able to hold back the tears that this film evokes.
When drunken musician, Jackson Maine, played by Cooper, wanders into a bar for the sole purpose of finding more booze, the last thing he expected to find was the love of his life. After hearing Gaga’s character, Ally belt out “La Vie en Rose” while dressed in French drag, Jack found both.
After a night to remember, Jack pleads for Ally to come to his next gig, and she refuses until Jack’s driver follows her around trying to convince her. She arrived at the gig just in time for Jack go on, and coax her on stage to perform a song they co-wrote the night before, the nation-wide hit “Shallow”.
After a viral video and many more performances later, Ally was offered a record deal of her own and is on track to become the next big thing in music.
Still dealing with drug and alcohol issues as well as a persisting loss of hearing, Jack’s own career begins to dwindle, but his spur of the moment marriage to Ally keeps him afloat. A Grammy nomination brings the pair to the annual awards show where, during Ally’s acceptance speech, Jack brings embarrassment to them both.
While Ally continues her dominance of the music industry, Jack seeks help in a rehabilitation center, and soon joins Ally back at the place that he thanked her for making home.
The movie ends shortly and emotionally after Jack exits rehab.
With the debut of “A Star Is Born”, Cooper and Gaga have further established themselves as icons. Cooper and Gaga were already respected in their own fields of acting and music, but this movie brought a crossover for them both. Now a certified triple-threat, “A Star Is Born” brings praise to Cooper not only as an actor, but as a singer and a director as well. Gaga also adds film to her already impressive resume of music, television, business, and fashion.
Boasting a no. 1 movie, a no. 1 album, and lots of Oscar buzz, “A Star Is Born” is undoubtedly a story of overdue success, fateful coincidence, and love that will make you never love again.

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