Everything is Still Awesome in the LEGO Movie 2

Bradley Hare, Centurion Staff

Nobody expected “The LEGO Movie” to explode in the way it did. Not only was the original film successful, but it also launched two spin-off movies, a TV show, a 4D ride, countless toy sets, two airline safety videos (Yes, really), and now its own sequel. Even though it may not have surpassed the original film in terms of amazement and originality, it’s just as grand.

The plot picks up right after the original movie, with the Duplo blocks invading Bricksburg. After five years of trying to rebuild, only for their blocks to keep being stolen, the citizens give up and rename the city ‘Apocalypseburg’, and it looks just like it’s described: dreary, depressing, and a complete wasteland.

The main character, Emmet, is still his cheerful, happy self. That is until his friends are kidnapped and he has to go into space to save them. After a run-in with an expertly skilled fighter by the name of Rex, Emmet decides to train to be the cool and hard-boiled warrior his friends wanted.

Right off the bat, the animation is top notch as always when it comes to LEGO movies. You can see the rough spots and scratches in the figures, like the worn out details and scuffs on them. The location’s use the fact everything is made of LEGO pieces to its fullest effect, being able to see just where each block begins and ends. When in motion, the animation is snappy and quick, furthering the action and the comedy of the film. The highlight of animation goes to a new character- Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi, who, as her name suggests, changes forms every so often, keeping you on the edge of your seat to see just what she changes into next.

Another aspect the film does well- the jokes hit bullseye after bullseye. For every one joke that may not work, five others are lined up ready to make you laugh. Highlights to these hilarious moments are just how insanely masculine Rex is, how oblivious Emmet is to the dangers of his new world, and the songs in this film.

The big difference this movie has to the original is that it is now a musical, with about half of these songs being designed to make you laugh. Special mentions to these songs is the queen singing about how she isn’t evil with a hilarious payoff near the middle of the film, a song that literally says it’s going to get stuck inside your head, Batman trying to prove to the queen just how he is a better lover than Superman, and the credits song singing about how awesome the credits are.

The midpoint onward has surprises tossed your way and each one has you saying something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, how the heck did I not see that coming?” There is just enough foreshadowing in the film for the pieces to fit in (pun completely intended). Not one twist here feels like it was out of place and it all merges together to tell a coherent story about the necessity of growing up but not losing your past childlike self. This is best exemplified by a dark reprise of a song from the first movie that punches you right in the gut.

That being said, the biggest problem with the film is that it takes a while to get going. They spend a bit too long in Apocalypseburg and they also spend too much of that time ragging on Emmet for still being happy and being a loser despite the fact that he was a key player in the past movie.

Regardless, it is still a fantastic film that manages to build on the foundation that the first film establishes and it is well worth watching. Everything was awesome before and everything is still awesome now.

Overall score: 9/10