How Will Game of Thrones End?


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Jackie Schaeffer, Centurion Staff

As the countdown to April 14 continues, Game of Thrones fans are growing more anxious for the season finale.
Game of Thrones is one of HBO’s most-watched series, with over 16 million viewers, all of whom have their own theories as to how the show continues.
Season seven came out July 16, 2017 and since then fans have been awaiting for the final season. There are many different theories about how the show is going to end, from the Night King taking over everything to the Starks beating the Lannister’s and controlling the kingdom. Whatever it is, it still has fans sitting on the edge of their seats.
HBO released its official trailer on March 5. In the trailer, we see a lot of fighting, which is to be expected with the war against the Lannisters and the Night King.
“There’s a theory that the Night King is a Stark and the 13th captain of the night’s watch,” said freshman Amber Linder of Bensalem. “He didn’t appear till a Stark left Winterfell. I think he is probably going to go to Winterfell to get his wife, the night queen.”
Season 7 ended with all the Starks except Jon being reunited in Winterfell. Before their return in the last episode of season 7, there hasn’t been a Stark in Winterfell since season 3 episode 9, when Robb Stark was killed at the red wedding.
“I think Jon Snow is going to end up ruling the Kingdom,” said sophomore Joe Martin of Philadelphia.
The Night King burned through the wall with one of Daenerys’ dragons in the last episode of season 7. The Night King and his army are making their way south to Kings Landing.
“The Lannisters will end up winning the war but will not sit on the iron throne,” said sophomore Matt Gallagher of Bensalem. “I think it will end up being Jon Snow. Not sure exactly how that is going to happen, but it is. I’m most looking forward to the Battle of Winterfell.”
The season also ended with Jon Snow on a boat with Daenerys Targaryen headed to Winterfell with their army. Jamie Lannister left his sister Cersei to go to Winterfell to help the cause. Cersei is working with the Gold Circle and is not sending any help to Winterfell, as she doesn’t see it as her problem.
“I’m most looking forward to the longest battle in the history of television,” said Martin.
“Daenerys’ white walker dragon is going to fight the white walkers when it sees her and then she’s going to sit on the iron throne,” said freshmen Riley Gray of Bensalem.
“Everyone is going to die,” Joe D’Andrea sophomore from Bensalem. “I’m just hoping it was worth the wait.”
No matter how we think it’s going to end, fans are anticipating many different outcomes which make the season finale more interesting to see what actually happens. We will found out which house will win the battle or if they will come together and beat a common enemy or if they will fight each other and the Night King will win control over the kingdom.