Bucks Live! Presents Bucks Blues Explosion

Brendon Lauff

Bucks second annual Bucks Blues Explosion featuring Duke Robillard with The Little Red Rooster Blues Band was a fast moving, “rockin’ performance” with all the best blues and rock hits.
This electrifying performance event was held here at Bucks’ Newtown Campus in the Zlock Performing Arts Center on April,12.
Even before the show started people were excited to see the performance. One patron said “I’m really looking forward to the performance, I’ve never seen this before but I heard Duke was a great guitarist.”
The Director of Community Programming & College Events at Bucks, Pete Chiovarou, said “This is our second annual Bucks Blues Explosion and it seems to be rather popular, people seem to really like it and we nearly sold out… I would love for more students to come and support Bux Live.”
College President, Dr. Stephanie Shanblatt, said before the show “I’m really excited to see this and I always enjoy coming to events here at the school,” and “I just wished more students went to more events here.”
A few patrons like Christopher R. also said “I really like Duke and the blues and I’m really happy to come and hear him and the opening band.”
Another patron, Helen S., said “I came here last time and it was really good, I love coming here to the college. I was also here for the ‘Vagina Monologues’ and really enjoy all the events you guys here at Bucks do.”
As the show started the opening band The Little Red Rooster Blues Band (LRR) rocked the house with a sharp shiny harmonic, a terrifying big bass player, a skillful fast-moving drummer, and the red shiny guitarist/lead singer.
LRR have been rocking since 1988 with Kevin McCann on guitar and Dave Holtzman covering the harmony. This particular performance also featured Bob Holden on drums and Jeff Michael slapping the bass.
They have released 7 CD’s of original material to date and were inducted into the International Blues Hall of Fame in 2015. LRR even won the “Best Self-Produced CD for 2019” at the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis, Tennessee.
The was a whole of shaking going on with the opening songs from LRR as they dished out hits from their song collection and other fabulous blues and rock songs.
Songs like “27 Dollars on you”, “Thrift Shop Rubber”, and “Cotton Mouth” rocked the night away with a loud, heart pounding, seat vibrating beat that even a stoic student reporter couldn’t help but enjoy.
At the intermission halfway through the show Dr. Shanblatt was able to say “It was great, this was a lot of fun, and it’s full! It’s nice for the community to come out to enjoy the music.”
Next up on the list was Duke Robillard; an all American guitarist and singer.
He founded the band Roomful of Blues and was a member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds and even though he is known as a rock and blues guitarist, he also plays jazz and swing.
Duke rocked the rest of the night away with some great blues/rock songs to soothe the soul and fill the spirit.
At the end members of The Little Red Rooster Blues band like guitarist Kevin McCann were able to say “It was great, this event was a solid blues event, we had great fun. I want to thank the Bucks County Blues Society and the Bucks County Community College for having us”.
Dave Holtzman, harmonic, said “This was a stellar crowd; we weren’t expecting all that, this event very well represents the blues community.”
Jeff Michael, bass player, said “We would also like to thank Duke, who is a legend and national treasure, for being able to open up for them.”
This show seemed to be well liked and well received by those in attendance and it was a fun Friday night music event here at Bucks.