Get On-Air Experience with Radio Bux


Ben Peterson, Centurion Staff

Bucks radio station, “Radio BUX,” is primed to hit the air waves this semester with updated equipment to add to its growing format.
The internet radio station is ready to go on air. with a new mixer, making it easier for students to manage their radio shows and for the first time they have remote broadcasting equipment.
This new remote broadcasting equipment will make it easier to report live from sporting events
at Bucks, as the equipment
eliminates the need for a broadcaster to be tethered to other stationary hardware.
Radio Bux is in the process
of adding more on-air shows.
Especially for their Wednesday
air time which currently only plays one show, The “Michael Knight Show,” from 1 pm to 3 pm.
“Radio BUX is a student-ran club and it can be hard to get a full selection of shows. Our primary goal is to get the remote up and running,” said Professor John Sheridan, the faculty advisor of Radio BUX
Radio Bux has plans to expand their audience. In addition to students on campus, Radio BUX wants to get more listeners outside of the community college.
The club is actively looking
for more members. Students are
who are looking to host their
own radio show, can apply at Radio BUX can also be reached by emailing [email protected] or by calling 215-968-8376.
Radio BUX’s first event is coming up on Oct. 4, World College Radio Day. Along with other colleges across the nation, Radio BUX will have a full day of programming. The day kicks off with show titled, “Fat Rabbits with Shane” at 9 a.m. and runs all the way to midnight, ending with “Abstract Waves with Craig.”
Radio BUX began out of a desire from a segment of students to gain broadcasting experience, something that BCCC doesn’t offer as a course. The experience Radio Bux has provided past participants has led some into securing internships, and employment in broadcasting.
Students and the public can listen to Radio BUX online at, or by downloading the
TuneIn app on their iOS or
Android devices. Although
there aren’t always radio shows, Radio BUX is playing music 24/7. Stay up to date with Radio BUX by following their Twitter
@RadioBux or their Instagram