Students Reflect On Arts and Humanities

Joey Lomorticello, Staff Writer

Bucks’ Arts department continues to join towns, and communities across the country in celebrating National Arts and

Humanities Month throughout

During this time, students and staff of the Arts department reflect on the value that art has contributed to mankind. The month long event has been recognized since 1993, and is the largest celebration for the arts in the nation.

National Arts and Humanities Month grew out of
National Arts Week which The National Endowment for the Arts and Americans for the Arts began in 1985.

The Arts program at Bucks
began in 1964 and continues to thrive with increasing enrollment each year.

Bucks offers degrees and certificate programs in Art History, Cinema Video Production, Graphic Design, Music, Multimedia Design, Photography, and several more comprehensive courses.

Students can also earn their bachelor’s degree in media, graphic design, or communications at the Newtown campus.
Dean of the Arts department, John Mathews, strives to
encourage students to consider the arts.

“When someone has the creative mindset, and the problem-solving ability I believe they will be more fulfilled and successful in their life,” he said. “The support we get financially is substantial which allows us to have a great facility, faculty, and staff,” he added.

One student with a creative mindset is Hunter Ditty, a 20-year-old graphic design major from Perkasie who plans on graduating in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree.
“With art you can go in so many different directions. You can go in the direction of fashion, or illustration of books, even becoming
a tattoo artist. There are so many directions of art people do not seem to notice that could be
successful,” said Dity.

“I’ve never been the best at talking in large groups, but I’m completely comfortable with
putting a piece of my artwork on the wall, and having hundreds of people looking at it,” he boasted.

Similar to the Arts, Humanities programs continue to carve out a place in the education world. Humanities are social
sciences consisting of theory, music, philosophy, and world religions. Currently BCCC does not offer
a two, or four year program in

“Humanities teaches a lot about living in the world today,” said Lynn Dellapietra, dean of the Social Sciences department. “Humanities consists of critical thinking, and how to tackle problems, and process something you read, hear, or see,” she said.

The Arts and Humanities will be celebrated all year
on campus because these majors hold value, and significance to
everyday life.