Will Disney Plus Kill Netficks?


Paul Scorzafava, Centurian Saff

With a vast collection of
movies, tv shows and original content, Disney Plus is looking to dethrone Netflix as the top streaming service.

Six days after its initial release, Disney Plus garnered 10 million subscribers. While, this number is small compared to Netflix’s
150 million subscribers, few streaming outlets have grown this quickly.

Disney plus features content from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars
and National Geographic. The streaming platform also has a wide selection of movies and tv shows that were once popular on the Disney Channel. Disney Plus’s unique film selection could be the reason for its success.

“I think more people enjoy watching the old shows they
grew up watching because it creates a sense of authenticity, whereas Netflix is constantly adding cheesy movies and lacks creativity,” said Audrey Wilson, 19, a cinema/video production major from Doylestown.

As more people turn to streaming services over traditional cable , Disney Plus could have the potential to overtake Netflix.
The price difference between Disney Plus and Netflix may be the deciding factor in which service becomes the go-to streaming service. Disney Plus will play on four different devices at once and supports 4K Ultra HD video for $6.99 a month. Netflix charges $15.99 a month for similar features. Disney Plus also offers a $12 a month plan that includes a subscription to Hulu and ESPN plus as well.

Other students were not as impressed with Disney Plus’s launch and felt Netflix still is the ultimate streaming platform.
“I don’t think Netflix will be easily overtaken by any of the competition, but it’s not exactly going to be good for them either.

The amount of stuff Disney controls and how much of it use to be on Netflix and now isn’t anymore is an issue. Disney was guaranteed a subscription base simply based on its Micky Mouse properties, Star Wars properties, and Marvel properties. If they keep it affordable it can co-exist alongside Netflix, but I don’t see it outright eliminating it,” said Nick Macy, 31, a cinema/video major from Newtown.
As Disney Plus comes into the spotlight, the streaming world has gained a serious new player and only time will tell if it can become the new king of the digital world