Students Have Mixed Reactions Over New Justin Bieber Album

Students Have Mixed Reactions Over New Justin Bieber Album

Damarco Thomas, Centurion Staff

Justin Bieber was once known as a pop teen sensation with breakout songs like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl,” but now most fans have seemingly changed their opinions after the release of his new album “Changes.”

Sabrina Silva, 23, a neuroscience major said, “He was more pop music and now he tries to just do anything and I get that it’s just him being him but I liked him more for his pop star days.”

Last month, Bieber faced criticism after going on a Instagram live video to ask fans to stream his single “Yummy” while they slept so that he could get the number spot on the Billboard charts. Bieber also encouraged his foreign fans to use American virtual private networks when listening to the song to inflate his numbers in the US.

Many students expressed that they missed Bieber’s old self. They missed the cheerful kid who did music because he loved to, not just to be numbers one on charts.

Bieber released his new album on Valentine’s Day. It is his first album since his mega popular album, “Purpose,” that was released in 2015. “Changes” has received a mixture of reviews.

The New York Times said, “On Changes, he finally stakes his claim, honing a vocal approach that’s soothing, tender although maybe slightly tentative, a middle ground between comfort and reluctance.”

Other news outlets felt the now 25-year-old and new husband to model Hailey Baldwin did not provide a record worth listening to.

The Evening Standard said, “A handful of acoustic tracks near the end seal the deal: happily married Bieber is boring.”

Sarah Elwekil, 20, a psychology major said, “Honestly, Justin Bieber made his fans wait five years for that terrible song ‘Yummy,’ you could kind of tell he only did it so it would be catchy and go viral fast.”

Fans can feel the love and effort put into songs, so when they feel that element is gone, what is there to keep them as fans?

Many fans thought his comeback was going to bring them back to the days they remembered screaming his hit single “Baby.” Fans remember staying up all night and standing in lines to get anything Bieber related: clothes, CDs, you name it.

Julia Rifkin, 20, an undecided major said, “As a wee little lad, I wanted to have him so bad I
wanted to be Mrs. Bieber. I thought I would be his one less lonely girl at his concert and all that. Sadly, I was not. Then he went MIA for a while and now he’s back with a wife and that’s annoying. I like his music, but I think it’s super repetitive though. He makes the same song over and over again with new words, but yes, I would still like to be Mrs. Bieber, so sorry Hailey.”

Having the same sound is what fans like, but not songs that they seem like they were easily made to fit the trends.

Some students thought Bieber’s departure from music for a few years meant he was done for good.

“He still makes music?” Scott John, 21, a business major said. “I haven’t heard his name in years and I’m surprised that people are still asking about him.”

However, several longtime fans felt that him coming back out with his new music did not make up for his absence.