New app sparks interest between all generations


Dakoda Carlson, Centurion Staff

The video-sharing app “Tik Tok” has captivated the world with people of all ages addicted to its content.

Tik Tok launched in 2017 and grows in popularity every day. Users of the app create videos less than 60 seconds that range from comedy bits to dance routines.

Users of Tik Tok admit the app becomes very time-consuming.

Kailey Beerman, 22, social media and digital marketing major, from Sellersville, said, “It’s definitely addicting because the videos are short, time passes by quickly while scrolling. Similar to binge-watching tv, staying on Tik Tok is entertaining.”

Tik Tok appeals to the younger generation but it’s not targeted specifically for them.

Christian Raymond, a 20-year-old graphic design major from Levittown said, “Tik Tok is for everyone. A lot of younger people use the app but I’ve seen people in their 40’s and 50’s on the app. Even if you don’t make videos, you can still enjoy watching others make them.”

Tik Tok has become popular because of the algorithm it utilizes. The app tracks which videos you interact with and compiles similar content to create a “for you page.” Essentially a “home page” that is just video after video that the app thinks you will enjoy.

Despite the amusing content just like any other social media app, Tik Tok can affect one’s confidence.

“It can affect a person’s self-confidence in both positive and negative ways. If a video of yours blows up and gets tons of likes, it might make you happy but if it is still the internet and there are bullies online. Or you might see an attractive person and think you aren’t anywhere near as attractive, lowering your self-esteem,” said Raymond

“People get famous on the app and it often has to do a lot with looks. A lot of popular creators are dancers, which means their videos have an emphasis on their bodies” says Beermann. “I have noticed on these videos that a lot of people will comment “I wish I looked like you” or something similar.”

Regardless of the controversy, Tik Tok shows no signs of slowing down. The content on the app is endless and is personalized for users which all contribute to its addictive nature.