Animal Crossing New Horizon review


Joshua Thompson, Centurion Staff


I have a soft spot for the video game Animal Crossing. True it’s not the most exciting game franchise out there, but it’s relaxing and addicting at the same time. The newest installment, Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

Animal Crossing New Horizon’s has the player travel to a deserted island thanks to Tom Nook and his two sons Timmy and Tommy, who like their dad once did in early titles of the game sell the player things in their own store. The goal from here to is build up the island to make it not so deserted. This include completing tasks such as such as trying to get other characters to move on the island and make it not so deserted.

The player is recommended to do this in-between earning “Nook Miles” which are earned by completing task like catching a certain amount of fish or helping others on the island out.

New Horizon was supposed to come out last year, but was delayed to March 20, 2020, and I can honestly say, this game was worth the extra wait. For starters, the game seems extra polished and runs smoothly. The only patch that’s available to download is one for the upcoming Easter Holiday event. While I’m OK with gaming companies putting in patches for the game to fix a few things here and there, I’d rather not have to worry about them or even wait for them to finish downloading as soon as I want to start the game.

Graphics wise, New Horizon looks great. It’s an expansion on the graphics from its previous game New Leaf, and I like the little details that the game has such as the trees blowing because of the wind or the water rippling due to the fish. The AI in the game is much more alive this time around. Animals who are on your island are always up to something. Whether it be watering flowers, going fishing, or just talking to each other.

New Horizons also added new features, such as the ability to craft your own tools such as a shovel, a fishing line, and a net, the ability to change the island ground, and the ability to put furniture outside. All of these things add to the things to do in the game, so I’m never really bored or there’s never nothing to do.

While Animal Crossing New Horizons may not be as exciting as a sports game or action packed as a Mario Brothers game, I do recommend the game for those who just want something more mellow and calm, especially in stressful times like today.

The game charms you with visuals, characters, and of course, that calm and catchy hourly music. If you’re having a bad day, this game is one that will hopefully make it a better day.

Final score: 10 out of 10.