Will Hollywood Recover From Covid?

Will Supper

It has been a while since most people have gotten to go to the movies. Due to cinemas closing because of COVID-19, the box office has lost billions of dollars.

Closing theaters and halting film production put a big dent in the film industry and left many filmmakers troubled. Films set to release in 2020-2021 have had to reschedule premieres due to the pandemic.

However, drive-in movie theaters made a comeback in 2020, both as a way for people to safely watch movies from their cars and to enjoy the nostalgia of going to a drive-in theater.

Streaming services have had a major increase of usage since lockdown started as well. Netflix acquired more than double its projected new subscribers since the pandemic began.

Many production companies are finding ways to work on films while following safety guidelines. Instead of releasing movies in theaters, some companies have been releasing films on streaming platforms.

The pandemic’s current effect on the film industry may alter the future of film. As companies continue to plan and work throughout lockdown, streaming services have a monopoly over the film business.

Bucks Student Abby Forkell said, “As someone who works at a theater and loves going to see movies, I’m anxiously awaiting their opening. I think theaters could open safely with a limited capacity and social distancing. Even if the theaters are not showing new movies, and instead show older movies I’d still be interested in going!”

“I am worried about the future of theaters. I watch my fair share of Netflix, Hulu. Nothing beats watching a new movie in theaters,” Forkell added.

Only time will tell what further effects COVID-19 will have on the film industry. Even as vaccines are distributed, people still need to follow guidelines and procedures so we can put an end to this pandemic and safely return to our normal way of being.