Bucks’ New Film and Multimedia Club


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Nick Cosenza, Centurion Staff

The Film and Multimedia Club is a club at Bucks for students who love producing film and videos. The club was created to allow students to express themselves artistically through video.
The group takes on a wide array of projects. They are open to any idea or concept somebody may want to produce. The interests of the group are extremely diverse, producing anything from horror films to documentaries and everything in between.
The club is particularly enthusiastic about highlighting all of the amenities Bucks has to offer to students. Brenda Czich is the leader of the Film and Multimedia Club and is keen on showcasing athletics, music, art, cooking, or any of the various talents found at Bucks.
“There are several of us that think Bucks is undersold. There are so many cool things that even students at Bucks are not aware of,” Czich says.
“We want to feature these well-kept secrets in film footage that we can post on Instagram or YouTube for everyone’s consumption.”
The club recently held their inaugural meeting. The hour was spent brainstorming ideas and sharing interests and ideas for potential projects. Members support and assist each other in producing their visions.
Each member gets the opportunity to bring their idea to life. One member will be responsible for leading the production of the video they want to produce, and it will change as the group moves onto other endeavors. “We each are a part of the film crew, so to speak.” Czich continues, “No one is working in isolation, we are a team in the truest sense of the word.”
As every vision is produced, members learn from the experience and gain an understanding for a genre they might not have otherwise been interested in. Members bond through their shared willingness to learn and eagerness to produce quality content.
Film is a vital part of the world and every part of the field of communications. It is mostly considered a creative endeavor, but it is also a necessary tool in the modern world and potential careers in any field. Film is used everywhere from marketing, to athletics, and journalism.
For spreading information or entertainment, film clubs are useful in every sense. They often act as a space for students to grow and develop together, all while having fun and producing videos.
The only limitation on the club, at the moment, is the number of members. You do not have to be a Cinema Video Production major to participate, students from all different areas of study participate in the club.
It can be fun for anybody to create clips for TikTok or produce YouTube videos for an online audience. It is not often equipment, knowledge, and friends willing to help will be so readily available as they are at Bucks, so students are strongly encouraged to check out the Film and Multimedia Club.
The club meets weekly on Thursdays from 12:30 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the film studio on the Newtown Campus. For more information contact Brenda Czich at [email protected]