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Will People Go to Cinemas for Holiday Movies This Year?

Picture Courtesy of Unsplash

With the holiday season right around the corner, many Bucks students are preparing their plans for the winter season, including how they will be watching holiday movies.


Movie theaters are still a huge tradition during the holiday season, but it has changed over the past couple of years. People want to be more comfortable and warm in their own homes.


Movies like “Christmas With You”, “The Noel Diary”, “Avatar”, “A Christmas Story Christmas”, “Falling for Christmas”, “Violent Night”, and “Spirited”, are all going to be playing in theaters but also could be streaming on television platforms.


20-year-old RJ Schmeltzer says “people will stay in to watch movies on other streaming platforms rather than theaters like HBO Max, Netflix, Prime, Hulu due to the price differences.” Schmeltzer expressed how he feels more comfortable and peaceful at his own house, especially with the viruses going around now and the past couple of years.


The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult to participate in social events in the past couple years. This has made a significant impact on people’s relationship with the movie theaters – some are scared to get sick and will choose a safer option.


People may want to stay in, that way they feel safer and more at home. Holidays are a time to spend with family so a lot of people prefer wearing their pajamas drinking hot cocoa near a fireplace and watching it in their own homes.


A former Bucks student, Shannon Bollendorf states “people are more likely to stay home because holidays are more for time to spend with family so that way they can stay home, be cozy and spend time with family watching holiday movies.”


Some speculate holiday movies might be better in your living room than in a big theater room with tons of people. Bollendorf expressed she enjoys being with her family watching a holiday movie in the house more than out in public because she feels more content with her surroundings.


Theaters usually charge more money than renting the films on your own television at home, which may stop people from going out. With prices going up, people want to save as much as they can, even if that means staying but some people might prefer that.


Another former Bucks student, Janesa Rich states “people will mostly stay home because it is a wonderful way to spend time with family.” Rich says “going out to the movies is more for friends, not for holiday family spending time. She expressed that you can be more comfy under your blankets with your loved ones and drink hot cocoa in a more quiet intimate environment.”



Both ways of viewing the movies are great but more people want to stay in due to the prices, their comfort, peace and safety.