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ZTSD Punk Bash Lights Up Fishtown

Photo courtesy of Colt Gunn

Sat, Jan. 21st – The Zembo Temple of Skate and Design located at 2011 Amber St. in Fishtown, Philadelphia hosted a gritty, underground punk show right in their own skate shop. The show was a blast –  or in other words, a bash full of 6 packs, skateboarding, and knee high boots. How much more punk can you get?

On arrival, the space for the band is front and center, right next to the shop. A half-pipe for the skaters to drop in sits to the side.

The show starts right on time – according to punk time, where the set start time is never followed, and the band is always fashionably late. The lights are turned off, and a distorted guitar riff rips through the store – that’s the cue.

The first band is Degenerate Scum, storming the stage with an already visibly intoxicated vocalist. The drummer Josh lays down a fast beat and some excitable showgoers are moshing, but it remains a laid back session.

It was a small group, and an older crowd at that, with the exception of a couple kids including me. A couple short songs are played, a lot of beers are downed, and they finish up their set.

Now it’s time for the smoke break in between sets. During the break I was able to talk to the owner of the store, Chad Dravk, who said that the shop “plan(s) on hosting shows once a month.”

He also commented that “hosting shows is something new that they just started trying.”

Cigarettes are put out as people make their way inside as they are greeted by a synth, provoking some confused faces as the band Reckless Randy starts to perform. The confused faces quickly turn to interest as we hear the synth come to life with the rest of the band.

We find out later in the set the guitarist and synth player are engaged –  and it’s very cute. The band’s sound evokes 80s psychedelic synth wave, like Suburban Lawns or Pere Ubu.

If you’re into that, they have music out on all platforms, you can find them on Instagram @kill_reckless_randy.

The headliner Pissed comes on next, coming all the way from Trenton, New Jersey. They have a raw, punk sound that’s in your face. A small circle pit ensues, boots flying in the air and two stepping all around.

A couple of the skaters make their way into the pit on their boards while a blood curdling scream from the vocalist Tony Goggles engulfs the crowd, inciting cheers from everyone around.

People start to fill out, some stayed behind to chat, and some stayed to check out the merch table. ZTSD hosted a great opportunity to see live music and to come out to support local bands.

As for the venue, it’s very niche. A venue that your friends would be impressed by. A venue that’s underground and helps you create contacts to get into the scene. And also, a venue that supports the community. ZTSD is where it’s at.

If interested, they have a website with updates on any upcoming shows.