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Lunchtime Open Mic: An Afternoon of Poetry and Song


Calling all writers, musicians and creative minds: Do you have something you want to share with your peers at Bucks?

Drop by the Lunchtime Open Mic on Tuesday, Nov. 28 for an opportunity to do just that while enjoying a fun and relaxed afternoon of poetry and song among fellow students hosted by the Poets Laureate Community Projects Committee.

Committee Member and 2002 Bucks County Poet Laureate, Luray Gross will be present at the event, and encourages any and everybody to participate, hoping that “students, staff and even a passer-by would be courageous enough to share their creative work.” She emphasizes that any kind of writing is welcome, “whether it be a short story, a poem or even a creative joke.”

If you would like to participate but don’t feel comfortable sharing your writing, feel free to read someone else’s. There will be anthologies and literary collections at the event to choose from for readings. Those not interested in reading out loud can stop by to listen in and appreciate a chill afternoon with the audience.

Musicians are also encouraged to attend and participate, whether with original songs or covers, to come and share their voices and musical talents. A microphone and music stand will be set up, and partakers can bring their instrument or a speaker to play a background track if needed.

Participants are asked to limit their readings and songs to about three to four minutes long, as well as to use their discretion when reading works and refrain from hateful speech.

A sign-up sheet will be used for the duration of the event. There may be opportunities to share more than once, so feel free to prepare multiple pieces.

The organizers of the event, the Poets Laureate Community Projects Committee, a local delegation comprised of former Bucks County Poets Laureate, is dedicated to making the literary arts scene thrive in Bucks County. On the Bucks campus, they have held several writing workshops led by established authors and other former Poets Laureates.

Bucks’ literature club, the Tyler Literary Society, will also be present at the event. Club members will be reading from the recently published second edition of their literary magazine: “YAWP!” Magazine copies will also be available for students to take if interested.

Whether you’re a creative writer, musician or just someone who wants to support and

appreciate the work of fellow students, the Open Mic is sure to be a good time. So grab your lunch and come on by the Solarium in the Rollins Center from 12:15 and 1:30 p.m. There will be stories, music and free cookies! You definitely won’t want to miss it.