The Wordsmith series

The Wordsmith series

Alyssa Moore

The Wordsmith Poetry Series is a free event held at Buck’s Newtown campus that is open to the public allowing them to share and listen to other poet’s works.

The Wordsmith Series has distinguished itself among colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. It has “become the home of a vibrant community of writers, poetry lovers, and supporters of the arts,” according to Wordsmiths’ website page.

Language and Literature professor Dr. Ethel Rackin is the head of this series. “The audience increases every year,” said Rackin, “We generally have 75 to 100 audience members per event.”

“By attending one of our free upcoming events, people can experience for themselves how enriching and fun it can be,” Rackin said. She believes it is a great opportunity to get involved in the culture here at Bucks.

The Wordsmith Series is funded by the Cultural Affairs Committee of Language & Literature. “We maintain this program because it helps put Bucks on the map as an institution committed to Arts and Culture on campus and in the wider community,” said Rackin.

People can expect more than just performances from attending one of these events. Locally and nationally renowned poets and writers present their original works to a live audience. The events also include Potluck dessert buffets and book signings.

The Wordsmith Series has been active since 1960 and has featured memorable poets such as Richard Blanco, Jericho Brown, and Brenda Hillman.

The series also featured poets such as Allen Ginsberg, James Dickey, Denise Levertov, and John Logan. The writers and poets involved in this series have won numerous awards including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Pen Literary Award.

This series puts Bucks at the center of the region’s “literary life.” Guest writers are often paired with local ones for a broader experience. The series gives students the opportunity to “connect what they learn in the classroom with the world,” according to the Wordsmiths’ website.

Some advice Rackin gives to aspiring poets and writers that want to attend and perform at one of these events is to, “Relax and enjoy! It’s an experience for all and should be enjoyed.”

The Wordsmith Series is still active at Bucks and is open and free to anyone who would like to attend. The first event of this year will be held on March 13 at the Newtown campus. Events will then continue to be held throughout the semester.