Get Creative With the Tyler Literary Club

Bradley Hare, Centurion Staff

The Tyler Literary Club is kicking the year off in high gear. The club has already hosted several meetings and they’re in the midst of planning for future events. Their preparations are all in the name of promoting students to become more willing and eager to share their own writing and artistic expertise with others.
This club is responsible for producing “The Canon,” a college magazine which includes various art forms created by the students. The magazine was formerly named “The Tyler Literary Review,” before being given a name change.
The club’s advisor and Professor of Language & Literature, Eric Specian, says that the club is a way for the club members to showcase their talents,
“It gives them the opportunity to share their love of writing with the college community,” said Specian.
Specian also clarified that it can be a way to encourage student poets and authors to advance their writing and try out new styles.
In the past, the club hosted several events, some memorable ones being when poet Susanna Rich gave the entire campus an exclusive preview of her one-woman show, “Shakespeare’s *itches.”
The club has also gotten involved with sharing reading and writing with the children at the Early Learning Center.
This year, the club is planning a s’mores-packed fundraiser for later in October. The date is still currently undecided, but there will be flyers around the school promoting the event, so keep an eye out for them.
“There will be a candy-gram fundraiser at the end of November,” said the current President of the club, MaryKate. MaryKate is a 21-year-old music major.
According to MaryKate, “The most fun aspect of this club is to share and be around people who don’t judge; where you can be openly creative.”
The theme of community and how welcoming everyone is happened to be a running theme when other club members were asked about what their favorite part of the club was.
Talyn Trobiano, a 19-year-old Psychology major from Doylestown, said, “My favorite aspect of this club is how welcoming everyone is, and that it’s a safe space.”
Michael Doane , a 21-year-old video production major from Levittown, joked that his favorite part of the club was seeing Talyn. He then sincerely added that his favorite part of the club was “The people, because everyone is really creative and welcoming.”
Caidy Albanom, a 23-year-old Neuroscience major from Yardley, said that “It’s very motivating, and I enjoy being around people who do so many different things.”
“We’re publishing our magazine and we’re looking for submissions. The deadline is Nov. 2,” said MaryKate.
The club accepts stories, poems, lyrics and even visual art, whether it be photos, drawings, or even paintings.
“All students are welcome to join, and all forms of writing are accepted,” Specian said
You can participate by sending your submissions and contact them at their email, thetylerlitsociety[email protected]
You can also join the actual club itself. The Tyler Literary Club has meetings on Tuesdays at 12:30 in Grupp Hall, room 232.