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Students Worry Trump Will Refuse to Accept Possible Election Result

On Sept. 23, reporters at a Washington news conference proposed the question to President Trump if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. Trump’s evasive response regarding possible loss of the election resulted in criticism from many Americans.

Trump answered, “We’re going to have to see what happens. You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.”

Reporters also asked Democratic candidate Joe Biden for his thoughts on Trump’s comment, to which he responded, “He says the most irrational things.”

Students at Bucks and from across the nation were asked their thoughts on President Trump’s comment.

Nicholas Myers, 22, material science and engineering major at Penn State University said, “It sounds bad what he said, but there’s other context to why he doesn’t want to trust the election. He wanted to have it pushed back so a better process in voting could be established because the current system isn’t going to handle the volume of votes it’ll get this year.” Myers finds reasoning in Trump’s response, showing his advocacy and opinion upon the mail-in-ballot argument.

“The last election had some instances where more votes were found after the count was completed and he doesn’t want that to happen again,” said Myers.

Elizabeth Watson, 20, communications major at Bucks, said, “I always had suspicions that the election would insight a civil uproar. I think whether Trump wins or loses, his supporters will

cause a disrupt in society either form excitement or hate. I think Trump having a ‘sore loser’ attitude towards this election only encourages his supporters to do the same.”

Watson believes that Trump wanting to stay in power will not only aggravate citizens, but it could chaotic and potentially violent.

“This is an issue that affects us all,” Watson continued. “If our president will not concede to losing, what will happen on election night? This is very alarming, and people are fearful that this will create civil unrest and riots, something we already have currently going on in our country and something we live through every day. Is President Trump’s statement about him refusing to commit a peaceful transfer of power making a mockery of the constitution?”

Bucks student, Jacob Mairone, said, “Well, it’s a clear mockery to the peaceful transition of power in which our nation holds dear. However, I feel it’s counter intuitive to say because if Trump just stopped saying these things he would be re-elected anyway.”

Bucks student Dean Guiliano also believes that Trump’s reckless comment could insight chaos.

“I think if Trump has to be forcibly removed from office given a Biden victory, the public will erupt into chaos mostly due to the unrest of his supporters. I believe damage control will be necessary in certain areas of the country, particularly the south where his support is stronger,” said Guiliano.

Samuel Thompson, age 21, sophomore at Full Sail University in Florida, approaches the reality that Trump may resist the election outcome.

“It’s a real possibility that he won’t [commit peacefully], but I don’t think he’ll do that, if there’s any semblance of reason left in that party, they wouldn’t let it happen, but at this point… who actually knows,” said Thompson.