Bucks’ man of steel

Bucks' man of steel

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When Bryan McNeill, a 19-
year-old Bucks student, was on
vacation in August of last year,
he never thought that three
months later he would have
had two near-death accidents.
M c N e i l l , n i c k n a m e d
“Biggie” by friends, is a
Yardley resident, who within a
three-month span, hit a traffic
light pole and was run over a
car while on break at work.
McNeill miraculously walked
away from both with relatively
minor injuries.
On Aug. 14th, 2009, McNeill
was installing a new sound
system in a friends’ car for his
birthday. He didn’t think that
within 24 hours he would be
laying in a hospital bed.
Around 1 a.m. the next
morning, Bryan found himself
driving down Trenton Road in
Fairless Hills, to his cousins’
house, when he fell asleep at
the wheel. The Toyota Camry
he was driving was going
about 60 mph, when the car
rammed into the light pole
across from the 7/11 at the
Trenton Road and Oxford
Valley Road Intersection.
“I couldn’t really remember
even hitting the pole,” he said.
“When I got out, all I could
feel were waves of pain flowing
through my body.”
When Bryan finally came
around, he said he saw the
dashboard broken in half and
stuck in his right leg.
“It was difficult for me to
even know what was going
on.” Bryan says, “Luckily, the
airbags went off so all I
received was a concussion and
mild whiplash, besides the
dashboard jammed in my leg.”
Had those airbags not have
gone off, Bryan may not have
had the opportunity to crawl
out of the car. McNeill totaled
his Camry upon impact to the
light pole.
If that accident wasn’t traumatic
enough, almost three
months to that day, Bryan was
working, for his third day, at
the Yardley Giant when he
went for lunch at the Chinese
restaurant, A Little Dragon, in
the same shopping center.
Located on Stony Hill road,
A Little Dragon is one of
Bryans’ favorite places to eat
On Nov. 14th, around 7:45
p.m., McNeill was in the
restaurant when a pickup truck
slammed through the front of
the building, and ran Bryan
over. Trapped underneath the
car, he had no idea what happened.
“The second accident I
couldn’t even believe,” he said.
Bryan was the one who took
the blunt of the accident at the
“When I was picking up the
food a man on the other side of
the parking lot had a medical
episode and went all the way
across the lot and rear ended a
Honda Accord in a pick-up
truck and ran me over.”
From this accident he suffered
an MCL tear and still has
lingering pain in his knee.
“My knee still hurts from
time to time but it’s nothing
that’s going to stop me.”
Bryan “Biggie” McNeill is
now a full-time Education student
at Bucks once again after
having to withdrawal last year
for obvious reasons. But nothing
can seem to stop Bucks’
Man of Steel.