Cafeteria gets makeover


After a summer of vacations
and relaxation, students
returned to Bucks to find that
the cafeteria had been completely
remodeled and renovated.
The walls were painted with
refreshing colors while the
rooms were separated with
glass dividers. A new floor tile
lay underneath new tables and
chairs, and a small stage where
students could perform had
been installed.
The pathway used in previous
semesters to enter the cafeteria
from the bookstore was
removed and a new one was
constructed alongside the windows.
Many students were initially
surprised to find their old, rundown
cafeteria renovated with
a fresh, new look.
However, a few weeks into
classes, some students were
less than enthusiastic about the
remodeling. Some students
wondered why Bucks spent
money to improve the cafeteria,
while others were just
annoyed with the new floor
Emily Koerner, 20, a liberal
arts major said, “I don’t understand
why they could not just
keep that old walkway where it
was. It was so convenient to
get from the main lobby right
into the cafeteria to buy food.
Now that new wall is just in the
Due to the construction of
the new wall and personal
stage, students are forced to
enter through the far side doorway
and walk alongside of the
entire outside border of the
cafeteria in order to purchase
food from the cafeteria.
Although less convenient, the
cafeteria is more aesthetically
Koerner continued, “Don’t
get me wrong, it does look
nice. I just wish that pathway
was still there.”
Bucks put a lot of money into
the cafeteria’s renovations and
some students felt the funds
should have been spent elsewhere.
Chris Bulik, 19, a liberal arts
major, said, “I think the cafeteria
renovations are useless
because they spent all this
money on the cafeteria when
the parking lots are still in need
of an expansion.”
This semester at Bucks, the
parking lots have been crowded
and it has become increasingly
harder to find a spot in
order to get to class on time.
This is an aspect of Bucks that
many students endure before
and after class each day.