a Bucks instructor who has seen the world


Cynthia Rogan de Ramirez
graduated from Central Bucks
East, and then went on to
attend college in a few different
places due to lots of travel.
She attended Northwestern,
American University of Rome,
Temple University, and the
University of Denver. To attain
her Masters in English Literary
Studies and Philosophy,
Ramirez continued at the
University of Denver.
Ramirez began majoring in
Spanish and Linguistics at
Northwestern, but eventually
graduated with a B.A. in
Philosophy and English creative
writing. Ramirez said,
“For me, it has always been a
questioning about how we
think and then how we express
our thoughts. I wonder about
how language, mind, art, science,
and being interact. I am
hyper-attentive and therefore
mentally follow how my
thought and body change
through time, through art and
literature, through speaking
another language, and through
interactions with others. I
study many disciplines, but
Literature and Philosophy
seem to help me construct a
mental structure from which I
can form a more coherent view
of all that information.”
Ramirez takes a different
approach to teaching; in her
classes she seems to always
come up with abstract things
that are hidden in the text or in
the words someone says. She
always has a way of find the
little things others cannot see.
Ramirez says she decided to
teach because “it is a great way
to continue learning and I
enjoy experiencing the excitement
students feel when they
realize how capable they truly
are.” Ramirez hasn’t always
taught at the college level but
she says, “it is a natural progression
from my passion to
learning. Even now, I want to
continue my education, so
working at a college makes
sense.” Ramirez seems to look
at life as if it is a puzzle and all
the pieces fit together as you
go along.
Ramirez says she enjoys
teaching although there have
been times when she questioned
whether or not she
could teach. Ramirez says,
“.my mind is always focusing,
so deeply that I often do
not wish to speak since it slows
down being able to reach the
end of a cycle of thought.”
Nonetheless, Ramirez has
found that she loves teaching,
especially when she has found
that she has made a difference
to someone.
Ramirez hopes that her students
take away “a love for
always learning something
new and the patience to continue
striving to think and write
more critically.”
Ramirez has lived many
places such as Peru, Spain, and
Italy, just to mention a few. She
just moved back to Bucks
County after living in Denver
for six years.
Ramirez has started to learn
other languages because she
“.loves to read and wanted to
be able to read literature in the
original words.”
Ramirez has three adopted
children. Her youngest, Anna
Bianca, is studying Japanese
with the hopes of traveling to
Japan after she graduates high
school. Ramirez plans to go
along with her and let her do
all the speaking.