Favorite holiday shows


‘Twas two weeks before
break, and all throughout
Bucks, students were rushing,
for finals and such. After all
the exams have been taken,
and all the grades set in stone,
students can relax, for the holidays
at home.
But before starting the holidays,
students recalled their
favorite TV shows and holiday
Heather Paul, 21, a nursing
major from Warminster watches
the 1974 Rankin and Bass
stop motion animated TV special,
“The Year without a Santa
Claus,” every year with her
“I was afraid of that show
when I was little, so my mom
made me watch it until I wasn’t
scared anymore,” Paul said.
“Something about Heat Miser
just really scared me.” Now the
show is a staple in her holiday
“Jingle All The Way” (1996)
with Arnold Schwarzenegger
is another good holiday film
Evan Sanders, 20, a photography
major from Southampton
“It has great family values,”
Sanders said, “It shows what
Christmas is really about. Not
the receiving of presents, but
the thought of giving joy.”
Other popular holiday films
like “Elf” (2003) starring Will
Ferrell have become holiday
trademarks on the sole principle
of humor.
“It’s hilarious!” Felicia Kit
said. Kit, 19, occupational
studies major from
Warminster, said she loves to
watch “Elf” around Christmas
time because it makes her
laugh and puts her in a happy
“I like ‘The Santa Claus’ a
lot,” said Kate Clarkson, 20,
an art major from Bensalem. It
is timely, light hearted, and
Tim Allen knows how to make
people laugh with his macho
man persona.
One movie that people
Might over look is the “Home
Alone”. For Marquis
Newman, 19, an education
major from Philadelphia, his
favorite it “Home Alone 2:
Lost in New York.” Each addition
to the saga has an alienated
child who is accidently left
behind while his family travels
for the holidays.
While the mischievous boy
is home alone, he has to battle
against criminals and face his
childish fears.
The magic that surrounds the
holidays is not only absorbed
in movies and TV specials
though. For Queen-Sabria
Moore, an 18-year-old broadcast
journalism major from
Bensalem her favorite memory
is a mysterious one.
“When my family used to
live in New Jersey, my sister
and I were playing one day
sometime around Christmas,”
Moore said. “At the time, my
sister was about 7 years old
and I was about 8 and a half.
All of a sudden, we saw Santa
flying through the air in his
Moore has never been able to
figure out what exactly happened
that day, but is confident
she saw Santa, despite saying
that the sleigh she saw had no
reindeer attached to it.
A bit skeptical, but wanting
to believe that there is still a
sense of wonder to this season,
she sticks by her claim until
someone can prove to her otherwise.
No matter what holiday you
celebrate, this time of year is
one for spreading joy and
spending quality time with the
ones you love; whether that is
snuggling up with your
favorite movie, sharing childhood
memories, or just engaging
in conversations over hot