‘Reading and Writing Women’ draws poets and students alike


“Two sets of hands, ours
wrapped in his.”
A young girl and her brother
hold on to their father’s hands
as they wade into a cold ocean,
chronicled in a poem presented
at the 10th Annual “Reading
and Writing Women” event,
held in the Gateway Atrium
and featuring readings from
present and former poet laureates
and Bucks students
The large crowd was fixated
on the eloquent speaker at the
podium – current Poet
Laureate, Lorraine Henrie
Lins, born and raised in New
Jersey, finds inspiration in her
two daughters, as well as
events throughout her life.
“Advice: A postcard from
My Mother” is a touching
recounting of her mother’s
death, occurring one day
before Lins’ wedding. Her
mother told her to marry the
man, and Lins listened, marrying
him the next day.
In another poem, Lins spoke
of bees, and how she forgets
about them during the winter.
She forgives them for all that
they have done; she even pardons
the bee who stung her
daughter’s foot as she was
walking through the grass.
One of Lins’ final poems
described her daughter playing
with her Barbie dolls, dressing
them in a way that society
would find unconventional.
When the young girl finished,
they were no longer the “flawless”
Barbie dolls – but to Lins’
daughter, they were perfect.
After Lins’ last poem, students
had the opportunity to
present their own work and
that of their favorite poets.
Teresa Barone, 21, a psychology
major from
Kintnersville, said that she
“Had to come [to the event] for
a class,” but that she truly does
like poetry, and is always willing
to listen.