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Puck restaurant is a hit in Doylestown

Puck restaurant is a hit in Doylestown

Puck Restaurant is the perfect example of a buisness that went from nothing to something and has been a favorite hotspot to the residents of Doylestown


There are several clubs in Bucks and Montgomery County, but very few, if any, are like Puck Live in Doylestown.

Lynn Goldman and her husband, Bill Goldman, Jr., who have been residents of Doylestown Borough for more than 30 years, purchased a former bank building right across the street from the Bucks County Courthouse in 2005.

Goldman had the following to say about her beloved club. “It’s the closest thing to a city club that you will find outside of Philadelphia. The quality is ten and we’re very serious about our sound system. The well-deserved slogan for the club is “Studio Quality Music. Live.”

Goldman has prior experience in owning and running clubs. She used to own two adjacent venues named Blue 52 and Roosevelt’s Blue Star, respectively.

When Goldman purchased the old bank, she said that she recognized a need for live original music in Doylestown, and that the bank’s outdoor space would be great for an outdoor patio restaurant.

Puck is located in the basement of the bank, which in itself has an interesting story behind it. The bank was built for quite a large sum of money, just two weeks before the Great Depression started in 1929. Ironically, this was to show the stability of America’s banks at the time.

The building’s past life as a bank is still visible inside and out, and it has been tastefully integrated into its new life as a club. A stage was constructed with a lounge area behind it for the various entertainers to relax between shows, as well as a mixing booth, and a dynamite sound system to allow Puck to live up to its slogan and truly allow patrons to experience “Studio Quality Music. Live.”

The Patio dining facility is the largest in Doylestown and open to all ages, as well as pets. The indoor areas are typically for ages 21and up due to laws regarding the sales of alcohol. Occasionally, however, an indoor concert will be open to people of all ages. Both of the indoor areas and the outdoor area are available to rent for various events.

Samantha Kovacs is the general manager of Puck and is the one responsible for keeping everything running smoothly. Kovacs’ duties go beyond just managing employees and making sure the customers are happy.

In Kovacs’ own words, “I keep track of the building and all of the employees, and I make sure that everything is in tip-top shape.” When asked about her opinion of the club, Kovacs said the following. “It’s not just a club; I like to look at it as three different bars rolled into one, three very unique bars.”

Kovacs also said that the venue is very versatile and very spontaneous. There’s something new every night. There’s Open Mic Night, DJs, comedians/comediennes, Zumba, and singer/songwriters, among others.

Charlene Tokheim is the bar manager at Puck, ready to serve an excellent selection of draft and bottled beverages. Tokheim is also what you would call a mixologist, capable of making just about any drink you want. Recently, the club began having the weekly Puck Pint Night every Thursday night.

Patrons can purchase an office Puck pint glass for $10 and their first pint of draft beer is free. After the first pint, you can have an unlimited number of pints for half of the normal price.

Michael Lightkep, sometimes affectionately called “Soundman Mike” by his boss and fellow employees, has been at Puck since late 2006. Lightkep is the House Sound Technician and has been in music industry since the late 1970’s. He has played in bands and has done extensive touring with several bands as well. Lightkep also has an extensive background in venue management, and the installation and sales of professional sound equipment.

One of the most obvious advantages of Puck over a decent club in Philadelphia is the parking, according to Lightkep it is because it is in the suburbs instead of the inner city

While every staff member at Puck is an integral part of keeping the club running smoothly, Lightkep is without a doubt the man who puts the “Live” in Puck Live.

“There are many clubs and live music venues in the Philadelphia region, but I think we stand out over a lot of them because of the different things we can do here.” said Lightkep.

“It’s not strictly live music. We have a really comfortable environment socially and technically (for the artists). It’s an easier environment for the artists.”

Lightkep also had this to say, “We feature a wonderful palate of local, regional, and national original artists, as well as some of the best tribute and cover bands from throughout the region. Also, we host one of the area’s best open mic nights every Wednesday night.”

With the exception of holidays, Puck hosts Open Mic Night every Wednesday. “Also, the addition of the new comedy open mics and the national standup comedians in our monthly rotation has really generated a lot more variety and interest for the local scene and our customers,” stated Lightkep.

Andrew Demarest is Puck’s booking manager, and had the following to say. “Puck is Bucks County’s premiere venue for live entertainment. We provide a listening room feel and intimate environment that you would expect to find in a major city environment as opposed to nestled in the heart of Doylestown. I aim to bring in high quality music that will satisfy the musical palettes of those who already know and love Puck while also finding acts that will attract new music lovers and establish Puck as ‘must play’ venue among national and touring artists.”

David Ivory is the owner, founder and president of the production company that bears his name, David Ivory Productions. In addition to being a Grammy-nominated engineer and producer, Ivory is also an Adjunct Professor of Communications at Montgomery County Community College.

Ivory has been showcasing the bands he works with at Puck Live since late 2008, and is in the process of filming the bands for a local music TV show. They are shooting it with the help of the Montgomery County Community College Digital Broadcasting Department.

Ivory had the following to say, “It’s just a great show, and I wanted to capture it for people to see. So filming it and turning it into a TV-type show is the next logical thing.” The show is typically once a month. Tickets to Ivory’s shows are available for sale to public.

So whether you are a musician or a comedian who would like to share your talents or you are just someone who loves good music and wants to have a good time, Puck is the place for you. Puck has great food and a nice selection of drinks, great entertainment, and a friendly staff who are looking forward to your visit. Puck Live is open seven days a week from noon until 2 a.m.