Bringing Attention to Active Shooter Protocols

Madison Helsen

Hal Conte
After the event that took place in Las Vegas, active shooters have been on the minds of the public as an active shooter is an individual who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.

Being prepared for these emergency situations both physically and mentally is crucial on college campuses and because of this, colleges across the country have their own strategies to vigorously deal with terrorist situations.

Bucks County Community College administrators and security have devised their own plan to be prepared as well.

Dennis McCauley, head of security and safety at Bucks County Community College, when asked about Bucks’ own active shooter protocol thoroughly discussed the campus’ plans by how to find security and safety on Bucks’ website.

It is important as a student to inform yourself on what to do if a dangerous situation arises as it is extremely easy to find the protocol online.

Simply just go to the Bucks Campus website, click on “campus life”, and find “security & safety”, then click “active shooter protocol.” McCauley goes on to say there is a 20 minute video students can watch, stating, “I really recommend students watch this video for their own safety.”

The active shooter protocol is categorized into six different groups; if the shooter is outside your building, the shooter is inside your building, the shooter enters your office or classroom, if you are outside, points to remember, police response, and you.

Each category lists tips and guidelines to help students and faculty effectively deal with an active shooter.

Remaining calm and calling 911 are two direct responses, but other tactics like playing dead may not come to mind during this situation and that is why reviewing the website is essential as a student at Bucks County Community College.

McCauley also went on to talk about reporting suspicious activity by saying if a student suspects something, or are concerned, they should report the incident anonymously and continued to stress that the student who reported information will be kept anonymous and remain confidential.

There is a specific website to report the suspicious activity at, where a group will look at the report, and respond appropriately.

Bucks also offers text alerts that students can sign up for, “We have text message alerts, this is important to have if you are a Bucks student.” McCauley explains.

These text alerts will notify students of canceled classes, delays, upcoming events, and emergencies.

Dominique Fragoso, 20, business management major, is a local Bucks student and when asked about the active shooter protocol, Fragoso explained that she has seen the material on the Bucks website.

Fragoso says, “I think it is really important that students look into this stuff, because emergencies happen all the time.” She continued on by saying, “I want to be prepared if my life is in danger, especially because active shooters are a very real possibility.”

It is a shame that students must accept the grim reality that a shooter could close in on the Bucks college campus, while it is not something anyone likes to think about, it is a situation everyone should be prepared for.