Bucks students reflect on 9/11

Michael Hunton

Brie Buck knew that
America would never be the
same again after Sept. 11,
“Everything happened so
quickly that day,” she said. “I
had a feeling, even at a young
age, that I knew this wasn’t
just going to blow over.”
Buck, 21, from Levittown, is
an early education major at
Bucks who remembered her
thoughts on that infamous
September day a decade ago.
Fear and confusion were
common themes echoed by
students around campus as
they recalled their thoughts
and experiences from Sept. 11.
First and second year students
at Bucks were around 9-
12 years old when the attacks
took place. Lauren Sparich, 20,
a business major from
Morrisville, was in fifth grade
when the World Trade Centers
“I remember being in history
class when they announced
what was happening over the
public address system. They
told us to leave school and we
all had to walk home together.
I couldn’t comprehend what
was going on at the time. I didn’t
really understand what had
Sparich also recalled the
silence surrounding her house
the next few days. She lived in
Northeast Philadelphia right
next to the local airport.
As the 10th anniversary
passes, Americans all over the
country have their own stories
of how this event changed their
life. This is no different for
many Bucks students who
were old enough to remember
that day.