Student Government Association brings new attractions


Lauren Savana, Centurion Staff

Sitting in on the SGA meeting in the student life center at 12:30 on Sept. 8 felt overall like being part of a real congressional meeting. Vocal students interacted with one another positively, yet still challenged one another. They all share one significant goal; to make this school a better place.
SGA President Matthew Kelly, 21, South Hampton, is majoring in business. He stated,“I want students at Bucks to feel like this is more than just a transfer school.”
SGA members spent the summer budgeting for the year so the proceeds go back to the clubs.
Vice President Elizabeth Mortimer is working with the Bucks scholarship program to inform students about certain scholarships and make them more attainable. “Some of these scholarships no one even knows about, the money just sits there and doesn’t get used.” Mortimer said.
The director of student life, Matt Cipriano, is in the process of creating an application for students called Word Sync. This app will be as simple as searching the club that you are interested in, then it will show when and where the club meets.
Another great incentive for students is the 3.25 cards SGA designed. Students with a 3.25 GPA or higher will receive these cards, which will allow them to get discounts at the bookstore. Although it can not be used for textbooks, it can be used for access codes needed for certain books, pens, notebooks, or even a quick snack.
Many events are in the works for this school year. The SPA (Student Program Association) plans these events, the SGA just helps in anyway they can.
There is an optional community service event on Oct. 18 from 1p.m. to 6p.m. at Wine Fest. Students can help serve hors d’oeuvre’s for a few hours, then mingle and enjoy themselves.
A talent show or an open mic is in the works as well. The past two talents shows have brought in over $4,000 for CHOP (Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia) and over $8,000 for scholarships. There are high hopes for how this year’s talent show or open mic will turn out.
Later this year there will be a bachelor/bachelorette auction. Those who wish to participate can sign up, write a small biography about themselves, and then come up on stage to be auctioned off. All of the proceeds go to a charity of SGA’s choice. A large luncheon will happen after the biding. Everyone involved gets to sit down and share a meal together.
There are 12 students who are part of the SGA cabinet. Carol Brandt, administrative assistant of student life, said, “I’ve been here for 6 years and this is the first time I’ve seen this many students here.”
Razin M. Karm, 25, Bensalem, majoring in History, reported, “I work thirty hours at one job, then twenty here at student life, while attending school full time.” These students are nothing but dedicated and determined. Bucks is lucky to have such passionate students in their student government and has positive things to look forward to from SGA.