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Founders Hall Upgrade Includes New Labs, Innovation Rooms

Jared Roberts

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Founded more than 50 years ago, Founders Hall was the first building constructed on Bucks Newtown campus. With the day and age we live, everything is getting upgraded and it seemed to be the right time and place for Founders Hall to get a makeover.
“It is over 50 years old and needed a major overhaul- especially the electrical and HVAC system and roof,” said Professor Debra Geoghan, the interim dean of the STEM department. According to the News Releases on the Bucks website, the renovations will cost roughly $11 million. “Once the Science Center was opened, the old biology and chemistry labs in Founders were converted into new facilities that support our programs in engineering and health sciences,” she stated. The renovations seem to be necessary due to the rise in modern technology.
With everything around the building changing, the question is, what are the biggest changes that are going to be in the brand-new Founders Hall? “Three new engineering labs, a new STEM learning center, and a new project room for innovation.” Geoghan continued, “There are new facilities for the programs in the health sciences department and a new culinary suite. All regular classrooms are being renovated. There is also new A/V technology in all classrooms and labs.”
Why now? Why, out of the past 50 years, is now the right time for this renovation? “This is partly because we moved the biology and chemistry labs to the new building, and also because of funding,” stated Geoghan.
Although the renovations will look beautiful after completion, there has been numerous complaints regarding the renovations themselves due to the constant noise protruding out of the building during classes. Megan Witt, a 19-year-old psychology major from Doylestown stated, “The noise is annoying, and I can’t focus on anything.” Witt continued to say, “It’s hard to navigate the building.” Due to the constant construction going on, it seems that new pathways are created, and old ones are blocked off.
Brandon Johnson, a 21-year-old biology major from Upper Southampton had an interesting opinion regarding the renovations. He went on to say, “The renovations currently taking place in Founders Hall have made me have to climb more stairs than previously required, being that I am fat, I was not fond of this change.” Certainly seems like a major roadblock for all involved, being that unnecessary exercise is the bane of all human existence.
Whatever your opinion may be regarding the renovations, it is happening. Through months and months of construction and heartache, it’ll all pay off in the end. New classes, new equipment, and new learning opportunities for all the types of students that Bucks welcomes in. The newly renovated Founders Hall has no expected finish date but, it seems that the Fall 2018 semester seems to be the target date for opening up the doors to new and old students.

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Founders Hall Upgrade Includes New Labs, Innovation Rooms